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Energy efficiency tips, insights, and DIY stories to empower the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.
Multifamily Elevating Comfort, Lowering Costs: An Energy Efficiency Guide for Multifamily Property Owners
Multifamily property owners can improve their building and tenant comfort while saving money by partnering with Focus on Energy and their utility.
Energy Saving Products The Science Behind Heat Pumps
An electric heat pump is an energy-efficient way to keep your home comfortable year-round. But how do they work? Let’s cover the basics.
Retail & Grocery Focused on Community: 80 Years of Bring's Cycling "Energizing" Wisconsin Rapids
Small businesses in our communities can make a huge impact in our lives. They can also make a huge impact on the future when focused on energy efficiency. Bring's…
Retail & Grocery WI Rapids Business Focused on Community's Future
Rapids Rental & Supply is known in the Wisconsin Rapids community for their outstanding contribution to the area since 1977. The company looked beyond their own…
Energy Saving Products Know Before You Buy: Financial Considerations and Heat Pumps
Consider the upfront costs BEFORE buying a heat pump. Plus, make sure these more important energy efficiency projects in your home are completed first.
Schools & Government Empowering Energy Conservation: Mentorship Success at Hillcrest Elementary
Renew Our Schools presents a unique opportunity for schools to immerse students and staff in a conservation challenge centered on responsible energy usage.
Residential Rebate Program What to Know About Upgrading Your Home’s Heating and Cooling with a Heat Pump
Your traditional furnace or air conditioning unit could be working harder than it needs to. Could it be time for an upgrade from your current setup?
Energy Saving Products Heat Pump Benefits: Will I Save On Heating and Cooling?
Will installing a heat pump affect your utility bill?
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