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Energy efficiency tips, insights, and DIY stories to empower the people and businesses of Wisconsin to make smart energy decisions with enduring economic benefits.
Hot Tips for Summer Energy Savings
Six energy-saving opportunities for your home can "cool" your summer energy costs.
Focus on Breathing and Beating Seasonal Allergies
Windows are open, you're seeing neighbors outside enjoying the weather, and you can't stop sneezing. Let's talk about the benefits of a room air purifier.
Schools & Government Reducing a School’s Energy Usage by 3% in One Day
Wisconsin students in the six-week Renew Our Schools Challenge had a chance at extra cash! Schools had to reduce energy use in JUST ONE DAY by 3% It's not that…
Residential Taking Advantage of Federal Tax Credits
Make energy-related home upgrades and save even more with Focus on Energy and 2023 tax credits.
Schools & Government Empower Your School with Smart Power Strips
Schools are investing in smart power strips to help control energy consumption.
Schools & Government Taking the Renew Our Schools Challenge at Home: Understanding Home Energy Use
The Renew Our Schools challenge is not just restricted to the classroom or school building. Students can choose to explore how energy is used at home.
General A Career Focused on Energy and The Trades
Builders/contractors need to hire nearly 550,000 skilled workers in 2023 for infrastructure and clean energy facilities construction. Many Wisconsin students ae…
Energy Efficiency Info Quit Throwing Money Down the Drain
A drain-water heat recovery system captures heat from drain water and preheats the cold supply water going into your hot water tank.
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