Add cost-effective renewable energy to your facility by tapping into valuable financial incentives. Renewables for Businesses

Solar PV Incentives

Focus on Energy offers incentives of up to $25,000 for businesses and up to $35,000 for agricultural producers.

Solar PV Incentives
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Custom Incentives for Renewable Energy

Focus on Energy offers incentives up to $300,000 for renewable energy projects including: Biogas, Biomass, Solar Thermal, and Wind.

Feasibility Studies for Biogas and Biomass Projects

Focus on Energy provides up to $15,000 in financial incentives, not to exceed 50% of the cost of the study, for biogas and biomass feasibility studies. A feasibility study allows Wisconsin businesses, municipalities, farms, and other generators of waste or wastewater to assess the practicality of a proposed plan or project and make an informed decision on proceeding with implementation. Complete the Project Assessment Incentive Application to apply.

How Do I Participate in Solar?

Verify if your utility participates in Focus on Energy.

Participating Utilities

Complete the online reservation application to reserve your incentive funds.

Online Solar Reservation Application

Complete the installation of your system.


Complete the incentive application to receive your check.

2024 Online Solar Application

Business Customer Solar PV Incentives
System Size in kW (DC)Incentives per kW (DC)Max Incentive

*Solar PV systems 500 kW and above will be capped at the maximum incentive of $25,000.

Agricultural producers (business customers) will qualify for an incentive match up to $10,000. Agricultural producers are defined as “businesses engaged in the production of grain, livestock, milk, poultry, fruits, vegetables, bees and honey, fish, shellfish, or other common agricultural products including greenhouses”.

Solar electric system incentives are available on select qualifying solar electric equipment. Trade Ally contractors focused on renewables can help you earn Focus on Energy incentives.

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