WI Rapids Business Focused on Community's Future
Helping Others for Almost 50 Years

Outstanding Contributions

Rapids Rental & Supply is known in the Wisconsin Rapids community for their outstanding contribution to the area since 1977. A family-owned company for three generations, Rapids Rental, in addition to being an equipment rental company, is also a retail/service-oriented store for many different brands of outdoor power equipment. They know it takes the right tools to get the job done. So, when tackling a project of its own – becoming more energy efficient – the company looked beyond their own toolbox to Focus on Energy®.

Retail Business Energy Efficiency Solutions
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Community Pilot Program
Impacting Their Towns

Focus on Energy launched a community-based pilot in 2023 to provide small businesses who are making an impact in their local community with an opportunity to receive additional financial support on energy-efficiency improvements needed within their business.

“Rapids Rental has been a valued business in the Wisconsin Rapids community for 47 years. When my family needed something repaired, or to use for a day or two, Rapids Rental was the place to go, and still holds strong today,” says Shawn Reimer, Conservation Manager for the Wisconsin Rapids Water Works & Lighting Commission.

Through this effort, Rapids Rental received a free on-site assessment to identify potential energy savings, which quickly uncovered a need for an HVAC upgrade. The storefront and repair areas were served by furnace and air conditioning units nearing the end of their useful lives.

Rapids Rental HVAC System 1
More Than Financial Benefits

“Our building is aging and has been slowly upgraded as finances allow - which isn't often enough,” General Manager Todd Knuth said when working with Focus on Energy. “Being able to upgrade our building benefits us, but also greatly benefits the customers who walk through the doors daily.

We worked with energy specialist, Nic Schueller, from Focus on Energy. He helped us find ways to upgrade our aging equipment and become more efficient with our operating costs. It was a great experience from start-to-finish, stress free, and simply put, a turn-key process.”

HVAC System

The upgrades to the HVAC systems at Rapids Rental were installed by Guelzow Heating & Air Conditioning, another longstanding Wisconsin Rapids business who opened their doors back in 1953. “Once we identified the HVAC systems as the largest need for Rapids Rental, it was important to connect them with a reputable, trusted HVAC contractor to make sure they received the best service possible,” energy specialist Nic Schueller commented. “Guelzow has supported Rapids Rental for past HVAC needs, so it was great to be able to maintain this business-to-business relationship as part of the program benefit.”

Bills Reduced, Comfort Grows

With the help from Focus on Energy, Rapids Rental was able to upgrade its aging heating and cooling system and installed a smart thermostat to better control and monitor their energy use.

“It's huge for our family business to have had the opportunity to upgrade our heating and cooling system by saving such a large cost/expense as well as the long-term energy savings,” Knuth said. “We were able to replace three, 44-year-old gas furnaces and two stand-alone central air conditioning units with one furnace and one heat pump. During normal operation we can control all temps with our heat pump. Thank you, Focus on Energy.” Rapids Rental can look forward to reducing their energy bills by nearly 20%, while knowing they have quality equipment providing comfort to their space for years to come.

Inside Retail Store Workshop

When a business such as Rapids Rental & Supply succeeds, the whole community benefits.

“We are lucky to be part of a small, hardworking community,” Knuth said.

“Focus on Energy has many energy-efficiency incentive opportunities for all customers of Wisconsin Rapids Water Works and Lighting Commission, and other electric utilities throughout the state,” Reimer said.

Focus on Your Community

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