DIY Insulation & Air Sealing

Want to take a hands-on approach?

If you prefer a hands-on approach to home improvement, check out our DIY rebates. We offer $200 cash back for self-installed attic insulation and air sealing. Qualified projects improve year-round comfort, lower heating and cooling costs, and help prevent common issues like condensation and ice dams.

Before committing to a DIY project, confirm your home is a good fit. Please review the eligibility infographic below. While some solutions are simple enough to do yourself, others may require a professional Trade Ally contractor.

Find a Trade Ally
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Steps to Participate

Review the infographic above to confirm your home is a good fit for DIY insulation and air sealing. Consult with a Trade Ally contractor if needed.

Find a Trade Ally

Review the DIY guidelines.

DIY Guide to Insulation and Air Sealing

Buy your supplies. Remember to save the receipts.


Draw a sketch of your attic.


Take post-project pictures of your completed project.


Submit your application! Be sure to include all photos, sketches, and receipts/invoices you gathered along the way.

2024 DIY Online Application
DIY Not Your Thing?

If DIY isn't right for you, you may still be eligible for rebates when you work with a Trade Ally contractor.

Details and Resources

Get cash back for qualified improvements.

  • $200 rebate for DIY attic insulation and air sealing.
  • You must complete both insulation and air sealing projects together to be eligible.
  • Please follow all requirements in the Installation Guide [PDF]

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