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Focus on Energy offers rebates and instant discounts on a variety of energy-efficient heating and cooling equipment including furnaces, boilers, smart thermostats, and water heaters. Ask your Trade Ally contractor if they work with a participating distributor and if the equipment you are choosing qualifies for a rebate or instant discount.

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Enjoy Year-Round Comfort and Savings

Heating and cooling accounts for nearly half of an average home’s energy usage. If you’re looking to replace your existing equipment, make sure to keep energy efficiency in mind. Efficient equipment can save you as much as 30% in energy usage and offers the benefits of quieter operation and more consistent temperatures in your home.

Sign it's time for an upgrade

  • Your heating and cooling equipment is unreliable, inefficient, or over 15 years old.
  • You've noticed excessive blower noises, or sporadic pops, bangs, or rattles from your furnace.
  • Your home is cold and uncomfortable.

Read on to get started.

How do I get rebates for my new equipment?

There are two instant discount levels: standard and income qualified. If you are not eligible for income-qualified discounts, you may still qualify for standard instant discounts.

1 Confirm Utility and Income Qualification

Discover which instant discount level you may be eligible for by entering your county, household, size and income level below. If your utility is included on the generated list, select See if you Pre-Qualify to verify eligibility.

2 Discover Savings

Learn about rebates and instant discounts available to you.

Rebates Instant Discounts
3 Find a Trade Ally Contractor and Get Started

Work with your Trade Ally Contractor to purchase and install eligible equipment and receive your instant discount or apply for a rebate.

Find a Trade Ally

Instant Discounts effective June 1, 2024

Instant discounts are paid to the participating distributor and passed through your contractor, onto you. No forms. No waiting for a check in the mail. The discount comes off your invoice at time of purchase.

Natural Gas Furnaces (<300 MBh)

Standard Discount

Income-Qualified Discount*

≥ 95% AFUE $50 $400

Natural Gas Boilers (<300 MBh)

Standard Discount

Income-Qualified Discount*

≥ 95% AFUE Combination Boiler $450 $650
≥ 90% AFUE Combination Boiler

Minimum $300

Minimum $400

Heat Pumps

Standard Discount

Income-Qualified Discount*

Air Source Heat Pump** (<5.4 tons)
Minimum requirements:
SEER2 15.2 and HSPF2 8.1

Minimum $300

Minimum $500
Mini/Multi-Split Heat Pump (<5.4 tons)
Minimum requirements:
SEER2 16 and HSPF2 9.5

Minimum $400

Minimum $600

**All ducted air source heat pumps can be dual-fuel heat pumps.

Note: Work with your Trade Ally contractor to ensure the equipment you install qualifies for Focus on Energy instant discounts. Trade Ally contractors are independent businesses who you will contract directly with. Focus on Energy does not warranty or guarantee the delivery of services of your chosen Trade Ally contractor.

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