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Focus on Energy partners with professionals in a variety of areas, including: architecture, auditing, construction, consulting, electrical, engineering, energy service companies, general contracting, installing, manufacturing, plumbing, retail, wholesale/distribution and more.

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Focus on Energy Trade Allies are valuable contractors and service providers who partner with us to deliver energy efficiency and renewable energy products and expertise directly to Wisconsin residents and businesses. 

Our programs help individuals and companions build their businesses by giving them access to the following...

Motivated Customers

Residents and businesses who express interest in Focus on Energy are already highly motivated to make energy efficiency improvements.

Additional Revenue

Offer valuable financial incentives to your customers, and have those discounts directly reimbursed to you.

Marketing Resources

Benefits include a business listing on our website, marketing materials and cooperative advertising opportunities.


Learn about the latest energy efficiency and renewable energy technologies and techniques increasing your business's expertise in this competitive field.

Dedicated Support

Access to a dedicated Focus on Energy contact for questions and feedback as well as Trade Ally e-newsletters and important communications.

Specialized Programs

The option to participate in the specialized residential or business programs. Additional training is required for TA participation in these programs.

Exterior Lighting Optimization

The Exterior Lighting Optimization (ELO) offering provides customers with efficient and cost-effective exterior LED lighting such as parking lot, fuel pump canopy or wall mounted fixtures.  Customers are only responsible for covering the material cost while Focus on Energy works directly with Trade Allies to provides incentives to cover the cost of installing the new lighting system, including labor and lift truck rental.  Trade Allies are reimbursed up to an agreed upon pricing as defined in the offering’s Trade Ally agreement. Check out the ELO offering overview to learn more.  

Home Performance

Since Trade Allies partner with Focus on Energy, they're able to offer their customers incentives on qualifying home energy efficiency improvements. Your participation in these programs not only creates more comfortable, energy efficient homes for homeowners, but can also provide expanded opportunities for your business by offering instant discounts on HVAC equipment, home energy scores and whole home assessments. Check out the Home Performance overview to learn more.

Trade Ally
Trade Ally Spotlight - Etco Electric Supply

Etco Electric Supply was founded by Earl Thompson in 1972 and has locations in Wausau and Minocqua, Wisconsin. For 10 years, the lighting company has partnered with Focus on Energy as a Trade Ally contractor to bring energy efficiency to residents and businesses in Central and Northern Wisconsin. For Etco, the decision to collaborate with Focus on Energy was easy – opportunities to offer incentives to their customers for making energy-efficient upgrades, while also saving on utility bills and maintenance costs, do not present themselves every day.


Etco’s work with Focus on Energy has enhanced the company’s dedication to understanding lighting incentives and staying up-to-date on new lighting technology, enabling them to remain on top of a competitive market. Customers also express great appreciation for Etco Electric Supply’s efforts to ensure participants receive the best savings, accurately submit their applications to Focus on Energy and save time throughout the process.


Since beginning work with Focus on Energy, Etco Electric Supply has completed 196 energy efficiency projects – 52 of which were completed within the past year alone. These projects have amounted to over $294,000 and nearly 62 million kWh in savings over the lifetime of the products installed. However, these numbers only represent a fraction of the energy and money savings produced by Etco: the Trade Ally also serves as a distributor, so a large amount of the company’s impact involves selling products to other Trade Allies for resale and installation.


Focus on Energy is enthusiastic to continue working with Etco Electric Supply for many more years to help spread and improve energy efficiency in Wisconsin.

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