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You can’t avoid energy costs, but it's possible to control (and reduce) them. Taking steps to be more energy efficient does more than just save money—it benefits occupant health, increases a building’s market value, supports sustainability efforts, and reduces future risk to energy price changes. No matter where you’re at in your energy efficiency journey, Focus on Energy financial incentives and technical support can help get you where you want to be.

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Tailored Solutions That Address Your Unique Organization's Needs

Building a new barn or converting to LED lights? Our team of Agriculture Energy Advisors is here to help guide you to a more…
Commercial Real Estate
Incorporate energy efficiency into your building operation and provide you with financial incentives to replace or upgrade…
Find incentives and resources that can help lower your school and government facility’s energy usage and help you take…
Enhance healthcare facilities and reduce maintenance costs by improving the your energy efficiency.
Your always-open business model allows even more energy-saving opportunities. Hospitality and Lodging Businesses: Focus on…
We can help you incorporate energy efficiency into your building operation and provide you with financial incentives to…
We provide resources and incentives to help multifamily property owners reduce energy costs and improve building comfort and…
Restaurants use about five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Save with Focus on…
Retail & Grocery
Focus on Energy can help improve your customers’ shopping experience while lowering energy costs.
Tribal Nations
Focus on Energy recognizes the importance of tribal nations in Wisconsin, including their land, their people, and their…
Water & Wastewater Facilities
With pumps, motors, and other equipment operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, water and wastewater facilities are…
Business Incentives

Focus on Energy offers a range of incentives and services to support the energy efficiency efforts of businesses in Wisconsin.

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