Smart Thermostats

Get a $75 cash incentive for qualifying smart thermostats!

Save energy and money without sacrificing comfort. A smart thermostat “learns” your habits to help you manage home heating and cooling costs. It adjusts your HVAC equipment based on your home’s unique energy profile and the weather outside.

Smart thermostats save up to $120 annually and typically pay for themselves in two years. You can also save energy and money by controlling your home’s system wherever you go. Lower your home temperature from work a couple degrees or warm the house before heading home.

Combine with HVAC Upgrades

Some smart thermostats notify you when the system isn’t operating at top condition. You’ll know when to change a dirty filter or schedule a tune-up before you need a costly repair.

Considering new heating and cooling equipment? Ask your Trade Ally to install a smart thermostat at the same time and receive an incentive check from Focus on Energy, in addition to other Focus on Energy incentives you may receive for heating and cooling equipment.

How Do I Get My Smart Thermostat Incentive?

  1. Confirm that your smart thermostat was purchased from a participating Trade Ally (contractor) or retailer.

    If purchased from a retailer, submit an online application along with supporting documents within 60 days of purchase.

    If purchased and installed by a Trade Ally, complete the online Heating and Cooling Incentive application or download it to obtain your incentive.


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Eligibility Requirements

Offer is limited to qualifying smart thermostats that:

  • Have been purchased within the past 60 days.
  • Are not purchased for resale, leased, rebuilt, rented, received from insurance claims or a manufacturer warranty, or won as a prize.
  • Do not qualify for other Focus on Energy incentives.
  • Replace an existing thermostat that does not qualify for an incentive.
  • Connect with Wi-Fi.
  • Feature integrated occupancy-sensing capability, such as motion sensors or geofencing with setback.
  • Are listed in our Qualified Products List.

Offer is limited to Wisconsin customers of Focus on Energy participating utilities based on the home's primary heating system.

  • Homes with a natural gas furnace must be a customer of a participating electric utility and gas utility.
  • Homes with a natural gas boiler must be a customer of a participating gas utility.
  • Homes with an air-source heat pump must be a customer of a participating electric utility.
  • Homes heated by liquid petroleum (LP) gas or a geothermal heat pump are not eligible.
  • Offer is limited to one incentive per home heating system and two per household.