Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin residents lower their energy consumption and costs by making their homes more energy efficient. Since 2001, Focus on Energy has provided incentives to over 2.7 million homeowners, helping them save over $202 million in energy costs and environmental benefits by making simple changes in their home. 

Find the program that is right for you!


Appliance Recycling

Residents interested in removing an old or unused refrigerator or freezer

Offers FREE pickup of old, working refrigerators and freezers. Units will be recycled and disposed of in an environmentally friendly way.



Residents interested in finding local retailers that offer discounts on energy-saving appliances.

Connects customers with participating retailers offering discounted ENERGY STAR appliances to make these high-performing, high-quality products more affordable.


Simple Energy Efficiency

Residents interested in FREE Energy Saving Products for their homes

Offers a selection of Free Energy Saving Products including LED light bulbs and more



Residents looking for in-store discounts on Energy Efficient Products

Special Discount Pricing on LEDs at Participating Retailers.


Smart Thermostats

Residents interested in installing a new smart thermostat in their home

Offers a cash incentive for installing qualifying smart thermostats.


  Home Performance



Residents interested in knowing if their homes are wasting energy

Whole Home Improvements Path
For homeowners looking for top home comfort and serious savings. Includes a home energy assessment and a customized report with recommended energy improvements.



$$ - $$$

Heating and Cooling Improvements Path
For homeowners who aren't quite ready for the Whole Home approach, but want to take smaller steps to lower energy and increase home comfort through HVAC improvements. 

Renewable Energy Path
The path if you've already taken steps to ensure your home uses energy efficiently and want to invest in more energy efficient options. 

New Homes

Residents interested in building a new home

Work with a certified Focus on Energy builder to ensure your new home is comfortable, combustion safe, energy efficient, and durable.