Focus on Energy helps Wisconsin businesses lower operational costs and improve their bottom lines through energy efficiency and renewable energy projects. Participating in our business programs can help your company manage energy costs, control energy demand, protect the environment and promote in-state economic development. 


Design Assistance

Designers, Architects, Building Owners, and Developers

New Construction (Any Type)

Financial and technical support to enhance the net energy efficiency of newly constructed and substantially renovated buildings

Multifamily Direct Install

Multifamily Properties (4+Units): Owners, Managers, Maintenance Staff

Apartments, Condos and Student Housing

FREE energy saving products and installation to multifamily properties including  water saving showerheads, faucet aerators, and LED bulbs

Multifamily Energy Savings

Financial incentives toward energy efficient equipment installations

Small Business

WI Businesses with average monthly consumption of 40,000 kWh or less during July and August

Churches, Day Cares, Restaurants, Small Hotels, Laundromats, Offices, Strip Mall Tenants and more

Enhanced prescriptive incentives on select business program measures for compressed air, refrigeration, HVAC and lighting. Low- and no-cost offerings coming April 2017.

Agriculture, Schools & Government

WI agriculture, school and government facilities with average peak monthly electric demand up to 1,000 kW 
Agricultural Producers, Tribes, Federal, State, County, & Municipal Entities, K-12 Schools, Colleges & Universities


Financial incentives toward energy efficient equipment installations including: Lighting, HVAC, Compressed Air, Refrigeration, VFDs, Information Systems, Renewables and more

Support of a dedicated Focus on Energy Advisor

Custom incentives available for Custom Projects





Business Incentive Program

WI businesses with average peak monthly electric demand up to 1,000 kW

Medium-Sized Industrial Facilities, Commercial Spaces, and more

Large Energy Users

WI large businesses with average peak monthly electric demand over 1,000 kW

Large Industrial Facilities, Healthcare Facilities, Universities, Wastewater Facilities and more