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Business Customer Competitive Incentive RFP

Now accepting proposals for business customers as part of a Competitive Incentive Request for Proposals (RFP). This RFP is available to customers in need of additional financial support over and above standard custom and prescriptive rates to complete natural gas and/or electric savings projects before December 2026. Submissions due 9/16/2024.

Save on Roadway Lighting

Improve the lighting in your community by converting to LEDs. Focus on Energy is offering a 50% bonus on roadway lights located in municipalities with rural zip codes.

Municipal Roadway Bonus Rural Zip Code List
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Industrial Staffing Grant Offering Still Available While Funds Last

Industrial customers can still apply for Industrial Staffing Grant Offering. This offering is available to customers in need of financial support to justify or offset staffing needed to complete energy-saving projects while funds last. Applicants should work directly with an Energy Advisor to develop and submit an application.

123 Energy Audit

Partner with your Energy Advisor and prioritize your facility's top three energy conservation upgrades. This collaboration offers a straightforward and actionable list to implement over the next two years, with the incentive of escalating bonuses for completing each project. This offering is exclusively available for school and government customers in eligible rural zip codes.

Be Rewarded for Developing Your Energy Plan

Developing energy-saving priorities and strategic energy goals can have powerful long-term benefits for school and government organizations. Include Focus on Energy in your planning process and you not only benefit from having energy expert support, but you'll be eligible to receive a 10% bonus on projects completed in 2024.

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Rural Electric Reduction Accelerator

Start minimizing electricity consumption before transitioning to renewable energy sources and electrifying buildings. School and government entities are eligible to assess and optimize their current electric infrastructure and will receive financial incentives for decreasing their energy usage. Participation and funding are limited and reserved for customers in rural zip codes.

Application Zip Codes
Earn $2,500 for Developing your Annual Energy Plan

Developing your organization's energy-saving priorities and strategic energy goals can have powerful long-term benefits. Include FOCUS ON ENERGY® in your planning process and benefit from energy expert support as well as earn $2,500 for your time. For Large Industrial customers only, contact your Energy Advisor to get started today.

Utility Bill Verified Savings

Receive financial support to reduce energy usage in your buildings throughout 2023. Focus on Energy will support you throughout the process with regular check-ins, training support, and strategies for energy savings. Incentives will also be awarded for the energy you save throughout the calendar year.
Enrollment is competitive. Become one of five buildings selected. Sign up today!

Enrollment Application
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Nonprofit Efficiency Accelerator

Focus on Energy knows the unique challenges your nonprofit faces when planning for the future. When all of your efforts are directed at helping your community, it can be difficult to justify investing in your own operations. Focus on Energy's Nonprofit Efficiency Accelerator (NEA) offering can close the funding gap to help your organization plan and complete energy-saving projects sooner, allowing you to focus on serving your community.

Pump Assessments

Are you struggling with an inefficient pumping system? Focus on Energy is offering municipal water/wastewater and agriculture customers a comprehensive assessment to identify performance issues and provide opportunities for improvement. Pumps of 40HP or greater and operating at least 500 hours a year qualify for an incentive of $500 per pump assessed, up to 100% of the assessment cost.

Already completed a pump assessment? Take your savings further with a bonus for installing a variable speed drive on your pump system.

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New Richmond, Wis. – Ter-Rae Farms, Inc., a dairy and crop farm operating in St. Croix County since 1949, made the decision to embark on the energy efficiency path and is already milking some of the benefits that come with it. The farm collaborated with FOCUS ON ENERGY®, Wisconsin’s energy efficiency and renewable energy program, and Trade Ally contractor Lodermeier’s, Inc. to purchase and install a more energy-efficient grain dryer.
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Creating and Sustaining a Better Future for Future Farmers

The moment you step onto Marty Mellenthin’s Eau Galle farm, you feel what Thoreau would describe as “youthful exuberance!” while sitting at Walden Pond. Marty Mellenthin surrounds himself with family and wouldn’t want it any other way.
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Prairie Farm School District

Prairie Farm School District's participation in Focus on Energy will save them an estimated 100,000 kilowatt-hours of electricity annually and reduce the demand on the power grid during the peak summer months. The upgrades will reduce the school district’s energy bills by approximately $7,000 each year. The Prairie Farm School District took advantage of incentives through Focus on Energy’s Lighting programs, as well as cost savings of the new Exterior Lighting Optimization program, where Focus on Energy covers the labor costs of the participating trade ally for installation of cost-effective exterior lighting.
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