Energy Management

Understanding Energy Usage

Understanding how your business uses energy is an important step in managing it. Managing and ultimately reducing energy usage allows you to keep operating costs low, minimizes your risk to energy price changes, and reduces your carbon footprint. Whether you’re just starting to think about energy or more advanced in your efforts to save, Focus on Energy has energy management options to meet you where you’re at and support where you want to go.

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Success Stories

Aptar Achieves International Standard for Energy Management

Mukwonago, WI – AptarGroup, Inc. has achieved certification to the ISO 50001 International Standard for Energy Management Systems at its Mukwonago, Wisconsin facility following an intensive two-year effort to quantify, control and improve the energy performance of its manufacturing and operations.
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Penda Finds Efficiency through Strategic Energy Management

Madison, WI – Having a shared vision has been the key to a successful collaboration between Focus on Energy, Penda Corporation, and its utility, Alliant Energy.
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GKN Sinter Metals Facility Completes Strategic Energy Management Program

GERMANTOWN – Completing Focus on Energy’s Strategic Energy Management program has revealed big energy and cost savings for GKN Sinter Metals’ Germantown facility.
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