Elevating Comfort, Lowering Costs: An Energy Efficiency Guide for Multifamily Property Owners
Property Tune-Up

Improve Tenant Comfort

Multifamily property owners can improve their building and tenant comfort while saving money by partnering with Focus on Energy and their utility provider. These strategic investments ultimately lead to greater tenant occupancy rates, higher tenant satisfaction, and reduced maintenance costs.

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Maximize Efficiency Through Operations and Maintenance
Energy-Saving Projects

Focus on Energy offers a variety of ways you can tune up the efficiency of your property to help you save in the long run. These projects can be completed with little to no upfront cost, and seamlessly integrated by your existing maintenance staff.

You can receive up to $750 in incentives when you implement the following energy-saving projects:

  • Supply air temperature reset.
  • Hot water temperature reset.
  • Schedule optimization.
  • Chiller setpoint adjustment.
  • Economizer optimization.
  • Delamp lighting.
  • Reduce domestic hot water setpoint.
Operations and maintenance incentives.
Embrace Cost-Saving Innovation in New Construction

You can maximize the energy savings and incentives for building projects over 5,000 sq. ft. in the early stages of planning and design by participating in Express Energy Design Assistance (eEDA).

These financial incentives can help reduce upfront costs of energy efficient strategies that exceed Wisconsin energy code requirements. And you can receive technical and financial support at any stage of the design or construction process.

By integrating energy-efficient strategies from the outset, property owners can mitigate upfront costs and lay the foundation for sustainable, high-performing buildings.

Get started with our New Construction Online Tool.
Address Tenant Needs with Targeted Solutions

In the pursuit of energy efficiency, it can be beneficial to address the unique and specific needs of tenants. There are simple yet effective solutions that yield financial incentives, help reduce energy waste, and enhance tenant comfort.

  • Get $10 in incentives for window A/C covers: These covers reduce cold air drafts and debris that can come through cracks around the unit. They must be rigid, insulated, and installed inside the unit for permanently installed A/Cs. The tenant will also need to receive instructions on how to properly install, remove, and reinstall the cover.
  • Get up to $320 in incentives for ECM variable-speed pumps: These pumps must be used for domestic hot water recirculation or heating/cooling water circulation but can be programmed to deliver the correct flow rate of water through the circulation system.
Existing Offers for Lasting Impacts

While exploring new energy-saving initiatives is crucial, it’s equally important to take advantage of the existing offerings. Focus on Energy offers a range of incentives for multifamily property upgrades, including:

  • Heating and Cooling Upgrades: Energy upgrades like a new furnace, boiler, A/C unit, or air-source heat pump could save you and your tenants money by significantly reducing the energy you use while maintaining the comfort in your building. If your units’ equipment is more than 10-15 years old or needs frequent repairs, it could be time to replace it with new, more energy-efficient technology.
  • Insulation and Air Sealing: Properly insulating and air sealing your building are two of the most important steps you can take to achieve year-round comfort and lower your energy costs.
  • Lighting: Lighting makes up 17% of all electricity consumed in U.S. commercial buildings. Whether you’re upgrading fixtures or integrating connected controls, Focus on Energy can help you save real money on your energy bill.
Renewables and Your Own Energy Advisor
  • Solar Electricity: Solar panels provide a silent, reliable way to increase the value of your building and attract tenants who want clean energy. These panels are strategically placed on roofs or ground mounted to maximize exposure to the sun and capture sunlight.
  • Energy Advisors: Your Energy Advisor provides step-by-step support to customize an energy management approach that meets the unique needs of your property. They’ll uncover energy efficiency opportunities and help your team develop an energy efficiency action plan with the goal to reduce energy costs. Find an Energy Advisor to help you get started today or, contact a Focus on Energy representative at 800.762.7077.
Energy efficiency for multifamily properties.

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