Preserving a Community Favorite in Platteville
Community Impact

Comfortable Customers, Favorite Fajitas

Family-owned Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant has served the best fajitas in Platteville for 20 years. Located on Main Street in Platteville, the restaurant and its owner, Carlos Vasquez, take pride in offering authentic Mexican fare for dine-in, catering, and groceries. Thanks to the help of Focus on Energy (Focus) and Alliant Energy, Los Amigo’s customers are now enjoying their favorite fajitas in perfect temperatures while Carlos is enjoying the cost savings from the restaurant’s latest energy-efficient upgrades.

Los Amigos Tacos
Continuing the Legacy
Technical & Financial Support
Los Amigos Storefront 2 Platteville

In late 2023, Los Amigos was presented with the opportunity to participate in Focus on Energy’s Community Impact pilot. Through this pilot, Los Amigos received a free on-site assessment which found the restaurant needed upgrades to its heating and cooling equipment and kitchen ventilation. Carlos was challenged however with how to address the needed building renovations while preserving the restaurant’s charm and its legacy as a community favorite.

With the technical and financial support offered by Focus, Carlos was able to make these energy upgrades a reality. The restaurant replaced a 30-year-old furnace and two worn-out air conditioning units. They also installed demand-controlled kitchen ventilation to improve indoor air quality and cut down on energy use. Carlos and his employees agree the improved air conditioning and kitchen ventilation have made their kitchen a more comfortable space to work in. Pipe insulation was also added to ensure consistent water temperatures with the added benefit of extending equipment life and improving system efficiency.

Whole Community Benefits
Los Amigos Storefront 3 Platteville

From facilitating contractor bids and managing project completion, to securing equipment incentives, Los Amigos had the help of Focus every step of the way. When asked about his experience working with Focus on Energy, Carlos said “It was great, they were very helpful, they answered all my questions and thoroughly explained everything I needed to know. With their support, both our customers and staff have benefited.”

When a business like Los Amigos Mexican Restaurant succeeds, the whole community benefits. “By saving on energy costs, we're able to reinvest in the business and contribute more to the community. Together, we're showing how sustainable choices benefit everyone,” said Carlos. In total, the upgrades are expected to reduce Los Amigo’s energy costs by over $3,300 per year!

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