Videos 2024 Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards Announcement
Rebates and Incentives Nonprofits
Non-profits like places of worship, food banks, and charities can reduce energy usage as much as 30% by implementing energy savings practices.
Videos Miltrim Farms 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Videos Great Lakes Veneer 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Videos Milwaukee Metropolitan Sewerage District 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Videos Veridian Homes 2023 Trade Ally Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Videos Atlas Electric and Control Systems 2023 Trade Ally Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Videos Kettle Moraine School District 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Recipient
Videos Redline Plastics 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award
Rebates and Incentives Higher Education Kit Challenge
Rebates and Incentives Comprehensive Lighting Solutions
With Comprehensive Lighting Solutions (CLS), building operators can better understand their lighting needs and receive financial incentives
Rebates and Incentives Energy Efficiency Best Practices Guides
The Focus on Energy industry-specific Best Practice Guides were developed by subject matter experts and highlight a wide range of energy-saving opportunities unique…
Rebates and Incentives Whole-Building Offerings
Assess the energy savings of your whole building. You can receive a free, customized whole-building energy efficiency analysis, as well as the most comprehensive…
Rebates and Incentives Tune-ups & Assessments
Keep your facility's equipment running at its highest efficiency by performing regular maintenance and tune-ups.
Rebates and Incentives Building Optimization
No matter your building size, systems, or staffing resources, we can help make your building operate more efficiently.
Rebates and Incentives Prescriptive Rebates
Work with registered Trade Allies to ensure you select qualifying equipment to maximize energy savings.
Rebates and Incentives Propane Fueled Equipment
Do you use propane for your farm or agribusiness? Find energy efficiency incentives for agricultural customers.
Rebates and Incentives Agribusiness
Building a new barn or converting to LED lights? Our team of Agriculture Energy Advisors is here to help guide you to a more efficient facility.
Rebates and Incentives Retail & Grocery
Focus on Energy can help improve your customers’ shopping experience while lowering energy costs.
Rebates and Incentives Water & Wastewater Facilities
With pumps, motors, and other equipment operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week, water and wastewater facilities are among the largest consumers of energy…
Rebates and Incentives Restaurants
Restaurants use about five to seven times more energy per square foot than other commercial buildings. Save with Focus on Energy.
Rebates and Incentives Manufacturing
We can help you incorporate energy efficiency into your building operation and provide you with financial incentives to replace or upgrade current equipment.
Rebates and Incentives Multifamily
We provide resources and incentives to help multifamily property owners reduce energy costs and improve building comfort and tenant satisfaction.
Rebates and Incentives Hospitality
Your always-open business model allows even more energy-saving opportunities. Hospitality and Lodging Businesses: Focus on enrgy can help you lower your energy…
Rebates and Incentives Healthcare
Enhance healthcare facilities and reduce maintenance costs by improving the your energy efficiency.
Rebates and Incentives Education
Find incentives and resources that can help lower your school and government facility’s energy usage and help you take control of your operating costs.
Rebates and Incentives Commercial Real Estate
Incorporate energy efficiency into your building operation and provide you with financial incentives to replace or upgrade current equipment.
Rebates and Incentives Special Offerings
Learn more about additional incentive opportunities or new offerings you may qualify for.
Rebates and Incentives Renewables for Businesses
Go green with renewable energy. Take advantage of our financial incentives for renewable energy systems, like solar and wind, or research a future biomass or…
Rebates and Incentives Operations & Maintenance
Our comprehensive list of incentive options for building optimization services, tune-ups, and assessments can help find no and low-cost energy saving opportunities…
Rebates and Incentives Equipment Replacement
Find rebates and incentives for simple equipment replacements to comprehensive facility upgrades. See our custom and prescriptive options.
Rebates and Incentives New Construction & Renovations
Find technical support and financial incentives to ensure your new building or renovation is designed with energy in mind.
Rebates and Incentives Custom Incentives
Custom incentives are for energy efficient and renewable energy upgrades not found in the Focus on Energy Incentive Catalogs. These incentives are for non-standard…
Rebates and Incentives Where do I Begin?
Rebates and Incentives Available Offerings
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