Renewable Energy

Reach next-level savings

If you’ve already put in the work to make your home or business as energy efficient as possible, now is the perfect time to take an even more rewarding step. Follow the Renewable Energy path and receive Focus on Energy cash incentives for qualified solar electric and geothermal installations.

Your benefits:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Greater energy independence
  • Financial incentives
  • Technical support

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Funding for renewable projects is fixed each year and availability is on a first-come first-served basis. Applicants must reserve funding by submitting a Reservation Application.

Incentives for Renewable Energy

Renewable ProjectIncentive
Solar electric (PV) system

$600/kW DC rated capacity

$300 minimum

$2,400 maximum

Geothermal heat pump system$650
Renewable energy loans (Discontinued - See Below)

See below

Renewable Energy Loans

As of October 20th, 2016, the Wisconsin Public Service Commission has discontinued the Renewable Energy Revolving Loan Fund. Focus on Energy is no longer accepting new loan applications.

  • If you have a pending application for a renewable energy loan, please contact the program at 608.203.0115 to inquire on status.

  • Focus on Energy plans to continue to work with lenders across Wisconsin to support financing opportunities for renewable energy technology.

Renewable Energy incentives funding status

2016 incentive dollars for commercial and residential renewable projects have been fully allocated. You may continue submitting applications for 2016 renewable installations and they will be put on a waitlist. Reservations for current projects expiring or not moving forward will be made available to waitlisted projects in the order they were received. We do not anticipate additional funds will be made available this calendar year. Funding allocations for 2017 Renewable Incentives have not yet been determined. 

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Updated 12/6/2016

Total Residential Renewable Budget$1,084,730.00
Estimated Funding Available$0.00
Total Business Renewable Budget$75,408.00
Estimated Funding Available$0.00

*Paid/Entered: The amount of renewable funds entered, paid, or approved for payment based on incentive applications fully processed as of the date noted above.

**Reserved: The amount of renewable funds reserved based on reservation applications fully processed as of the date noted above.