Renewable Energy

Once you’ve made your home or business as energy efficient as possible, Focus on Energy’s Renewable Rewards Program can help take your energy savings to the next level. Focus on Energy offers Cash-Back Rewards for geothermal heat pump and solar electric installations.

Funding for renewable projects is fixed each year and availability is on a first-come first-served basis. Applicants must reserve funding by submitting a Reservation Application.

Current status of funding available for renewable rewards:

Updated 11/25/2015: Please note that 2015 program funds designated for businesses and residential have now been exhausted. We do not have information concerning 2016 renewable Cash-Back Rewards at this time, but will provide another update when that information is available.

Total Residential Renewable Budget$862,000.00
Estimated Funding Available$0.00
Total Business Renewable Budget$58,000.00
Estimated Funding Available$0.00

*Paid/Entered: The amount of renewable funds entered, paid, or approved for payment based on Cash-Back Reward applications fully processed as of the date noted below.

**Reserved: The amount of renewable funds reserved based on a reservation applications fully processed as of the date noted below.