How to Maximize the Benefits of Your Solar Installation

Solar-generated electricity allows you to shift energy use for heating and cooling, household appliances, and more to electricity you produce at home. Solar offers a clean, renewable energy source that helps control your energy costs, protects against inflation, and improves the value of your home. It also positions homeowners to live more sustainably.

Solar works even better if your home is already energy efficient because the less energy you use, the less energy your solar panels need to produce. Whether cooking, doing laundry, or taking steps to keep a home comfortable, efficient electric solutions can maximize the benefits of your solar installation. Examples of technologies include the following:

Heat Pumps

Electric heat pumps provide highly efficient heating and cooling by moving heat in or out of your home based on the season. During the summer, heat pumps work like an air conditioner to cool your home, and then switch in the winter to provide energy-efficient heating. Options include ducted heat pumps for homes with existing ductwork, and ductless systems that offer efficient zonal heating and cooling for homes without ducts.

Another option is a dual-fuel heat pump, which combines an energy-efficient electric heat pump with a gas furnace that takes over only on the coldest days. FOCUS ON ENERGY® offers incentives of up to $1,500, starting June 1, 2022.

Induction Stovetops

Induction cooking uses magnetic currents to heat pots and pans directly, eliminating the middle step of heating up a burner. This allows for fast, easy cooking with quick heat, precise control, and simple cleanup. Induction technology has advanced to the point that these high-performing cooktops are considered the most efficient option available, and prices have been dropping in recent years.

Getting Started With Solar

Installing solar allows you to start producing your own clean energy. You can enjoy lower energy bills and less dependence on outside energy resources, while making a positive impact on Wisconsin’s clean energy future. Focus on Energy offers solar incentives and resources to get you started.

There are many innovative ways to live an energy-efficient, sustainable lifestyle, and these technologies are just a sampling. We’re proud to be Wisconsin’s resource for home energy improvements and encourage you to explore more ways to save.

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