Just the Facts: Air Source Heat Pumps

Get the Facts on Energy-Efficient Air Source Heat Pumps

While heat pumps have been around for decades, strides in new technology are making them more efficient and more practical than ever before. Today’s heat pumps are a viable heating and cooling option well worth your consideration. That said, let’s dispel a couple lingering myths about energy-efficient air source heat pumps.

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The Truth is Here!
I need to replace current system.
Minispli with Remote

Not true! You don’t need to replace your current heating system. Ductless mini splits, for example, can be a great option for easing the burden put upon your primary heat source. Save wear and tear on your furnace or boiler.

Heat pumps are noisy.
Ductless Air Source Heat Pump

Not true! Heat pumps aren’t any noisier than your average refrigerator. Air source heat pumps, such as those used with ductless mini splits, feature compressors located outside the home. For even quieter operation, look for models that feature low decibels and soundproofing insulation.

Heat pumps don’t work in winter.
Air Source Heat Pump in Winter

Not true! New cold climate-specific heat pump technology outdoor compressor units continue arriving to the market. These cold climate systems are designed specifically for Wisconsin winters; heating homes efficiently down to -15°F and keeping your home warm and comfortable despite plummeting temperatures outside.

Know Before You Buy

For more myths – and truths – see the FAQs & Myths section of our Electric Heat Pump Customer Buying & Operation Guide. You’ll find complete information on all types of heat pump technology, including energy-efficient air source heat pumps.

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