Wisconsin's Largest Robotic Dairy Farm: Family-Owned Tradition and Energy Efficiency Innovation
Wisconsin’s Largest Robotic Milking Facility

Environmental Sustainability

Environmental sustainability is central to the fourth-generation family owners of Wisconsin’s largest robotic milking facility.

Miltrim Farms in Athens, Wisconsin, committed years ago to innovative approaches for environmental protection, energy efficiency technology that saves money while keeping the animals safe and growing Wisconsin’s economy.

It's no surprise Miltrim Farms deserves a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

Strong Agricultural Heritage
A Farm of Firsts
Miltrim Farms Energy Efficiency Excellence Award

“We want to be able to talk about what Milton Farms has been doing,” Lt. Governor Sara Rodriguez said at the recent award celebration. “This is not their first award.

Miltrim Farms is the first dairy farm in Wisconsin to receive the environmental certification for handling of water resources in Wisconsin.

In 2021, Miltrim farms also received the "Business Friend of the Environment Sustainability” Award. Wisconsin Manufacturers and Commerce select award recipients who are creating innovative approaches growing Wisconsin’s economy. Similarly, the Focus on Energy Efficiency Excellence Awards honor Wisconsin businesses growing the economy as well as their businesses while cutting energy usage, pursuing renewable energy innovation, and collaborating with utilities focused on energy sustainability.

New Technology

Miltrim farms’ growth is founded on sustainability. This is a fourth-generation family farm with seven owners and 3,000 dairy cows – an elite example of Wisconsin’s strong agricultural heritage evolving with new technologies.

1800 cows are milked by robots. 1200 cows are milked in the parlor.

“As a person who grew up on a dairy farm in southern Wisconsin, I especially applaud your efforts to include energy efficiency in your plans for your business, said Focus on Energy Managing Director Lisa Stefanik. “And the efforts pushing sustainability that you've made.

Powering 428 Homes for One Year

Since 2016, Miltrim Farms has worked with its utility Xcel Energy and Focus on Energy completing 30 projects; led upgrades and high-efficiency water heaters, integrating variable frequency drives on the milk and vacuum pumps, and adding ventilation systems.

“Saving 3 million kilowatt hours and almost 7,000 therms,” said Focus on Energy Advisor Kevin Weiler. “That's enough power to power 428 homes through entire year.”

“We're just really excited to take the opportunity, all the opportunities that we've had to work with Focus on Energy and our energy saving goals here at the dairy” said Miltrim Farms General manager David Trimner. “So, thank you again.”

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