Wisconsin Farmers Turn to Ag Electrical Services for a Brighter Future
Unsung Heroes

Focused on Success

Focus on Energy Trade Ally Contractors are the backbone of Wisconsin’s statewide energy efficiency program. These unsung heroes play a large part making Focus on Energy so successful.

Just ask the farmers and agribusiness owners around Brillion, Wisconsin, why Ag Electrical Services deserves a 2023 Trade Ally Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

You will then find out how Ag Electrical Services helped Wisconsin farmers save enough energy to power more than 4,000 homes for one year!

$310,000 in Incentives
Committed to Farmers

“What makes Ag Electrical Service stand out as a Trade Ally Contractor?”

That question is rhetorical because EVERY Ag Electrical customer can answer it quickly.

“Ag electrical services (is) the leading provider of agricultural wiring, layout and design of new and existing farm electrical systems,” said Frank Barth, Focus on Energy Utility Relations Manager at the Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Presentation. They promote the program, use their leverage as a trusted contractor, meet the goal of energy savings.”

Every customer knows about focus on energy. By moving farms towards energy efficient ideas, products, and technologies as well as pushing today’s farmers towards a sustainable and efficient energy future for the next generation.

So, for the past three years that I’ve been working with you now, you've saved your customers $310,000 or given them $310,000 in incentives,” said Joel Roltgen, Focus on Energy Advisor. “And you've also saved enough energy on those farms to power 4,305 homes for a year!”

Ag Electrical Services is so committed to reducing the energy costs for all Wisconsin farmers as well as reducing energy usage, they make sure farmers who don’t use their services get focus on energy incentive information.

Ag Electrical Services

“Thank you for Focus for giving us this award,” said Jessie Nordholm, Ag Electrical Services Owner/Partner. “And I’d like to thank all our employees and other partners at ag electric for getting lighting done and designed and our awesome customers that let us do updates on their farm and for Mary to help me with all the paperwork and navigate all that fun stuff.”

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