Uniquely Innovative Redline Plastics Energizes Company Culture
2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Winner

Unique. Innovative. Fun.

Redline Plastics in Manitowoc has a different way of doing things and it begins with the culture. The culture fostered by the owners and employees. Everyone at Redline will talk about company culture: employees say appreciate managers and owners building stronger relationships with clients as well as each other.

Couple this with the extensive energy efficiency goals Redline Plastics has achieved and you will recognize why the company is a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award Winner.

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Redline Plastics Award 2023
"This is, this is the way.”

Saving Enough Energy To Power 1500 Homes

“This statement here is directly from their site,” Focus on Energy Utility Relations Manage Frank Barth said. “We developed cultural behaviors, actionable things that we all strive to do to build. A place that we want to work at when we research cultural behaviors that are quite boring and did not resonate with us. So, we made our own, after all that is the Redline way. That sounds like the Mandalorian, right? This is, this is the way.”




Three words describing Redline Plastics; words heard often when you spend time with anyone who works there.

“We think about our coworkers, we want them to walk into a well-lit building, go home feeling a sense of accomplishment,” Justin Van Ess, Director of Plant Management & Maintenance said. “(They) feel like they won the day, give them an opportunity to win and be successful at what they do, and have a good time while we're doing it.”

Redline Plastics manufactures components and plastic products for numerous, yet very different industries.

From powersport products to playground equipment to electronic kiosks at medical facilities to grass catchers for lawnmowers.

“The icing on the cake to it all is that we get to do everything in an environmentally friendly way,” said Van Ess. “And that's something that's near and dear to leadership at Redland Plastics’ Heart.”

Redline turned to Focus on Energy and Manitowoc Public Utilities, collaborating to reach its goal for a healthy and safe work environment. Starting with simple projects such as temperature regulation, updating to LED lighting implemented factory wide, and specific machine upgrades for heat collection.

These “simple” projects, throughout the lifetime of the equipment saves enough energy to power 1500 homes a year in the Manitowoc area. Focus on Energy incentives totaled $130,000.

“The projects will generate an estimated $135,000 per year in energy savings costs,” Leah Maggio, Focus on Energy Business Program Manager said. “Which can go to expansion, employee retention, investing in new products, (and) investing in new solutions.”

More importantly for Redline, the lighting energy efficiency helps detect product quality issues which helps with the delivery of consistent product and happy workers.

“You've taken a lot of time to make a state-of-the-art facility,” Jeff Matzke, Manitowoc Public Utilities Key Accounts Advisor said. “It reflects well on Manitowoc; it helps make Manitowoc what it is. We are happy to be your utility partner, and we're happy to see you recognized for all your hard work.”

“On behalf of Redline Plastics, we want to thank Focus on Energy for the recognition and the award,” said Van Ess. “It certainly is a special thing for us.”

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