Superior Lighting, Superior Education: UW-Superior Earns a 2022 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award

Superior Water, Light & Power

Focus on Energy incentive - $26,374.39

UW Superior upgrades lighting with Focus on Energy Incentives

5,213 fixtures and lightbulbs.

That’s how many T8, T5, and T12 fluorescent lamps UW-Superior Facilities Management staff changed out with energy-efficient LEDs last year in six UW-Superior buildings.

“I remember seeing boxes of lightbulbs all over the place as they were going through and doing this project,” UW-Superior Chancellor Renee Wachter said. “It was no easy task, and it certainly didn’t happen overnight.”

Focus on Energy presented UW-Superior’s Facilities Management Director Dustin Johnson, as well as his staff, with a 2022 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award for not only completing the $812,000 lighting project, but for all the energy efficiency projects completed over the last 10 years. Along with incentives from our utility partner, Superior Water, Light & Power, Focus on Energy gave $26,374 reducing some of the costs.

“We have a long relationship with Focus on Energy and have received incentives on numerous projects throughout the years,” Wachter said. “We appreciate their insight and all the work that they put into reviewing projects and preparing incentives. The money we’ve received has helped us to afford energy updates and better utilize project budgets.”

This lighting project was completed under the State of Wisconsin Energy Savings Performance Contracting program. UW-Superior collaborated with Superior Water, Light & Power for the program using the energy saved from previous energy efficiency projects and Focus on Energy incentives to pay for future projects.

“We are really honored to be here today to congratulate UWS for its well-deserved recognition,” Superior Water, Light & Power Customer Experience Manager Harper Brickson said. “You have demonstrated longstanding practices which speaks to all the projects you have accomplished over the years as recognized today by Focus on Energy.”

“This is a big partnership amongst the university, Focus on Energy, Trade Allies, the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Superior Water, Light & Power, and staff, of course.” Focus on Energy Advisor David Voss said.

“These events, we have discovered, are so important to the facilities staff and folks that actually do this work,” Focus on Energy Stakeholder Relations Manager Frank Barth said. “You (facilities staff) don’t get the recognition; you feel it when you walk into that hall and see the work you’ve done.”

“I want to congratulate everyone,” Public Service Commission of Wisconsin, Focus on Energy Portfolio Manager Jolene Sheil said. “I know how much effort it takes to manage a facility this size. Thank you for your work. It takes a village.”

“A special thank you to David Voss at Focus on Energy, Jeff Kaler, certainly to Dusty and to Mark and all of the really terrific folks that we have at facilities management,” Wachter said. “I am so proud of our team.”

The 2021 lighting project details:

  • Replaced mainly T8, T5, and T12 fluorescent lamps throughout six UW-Superior buildings with LED bulbs and fixtures as well as upgrades to lighting controls.
    • Holden Fine Arts, Erlanson, Jim Dan Hill Library, Marcovich Wellness Center, Old Main & Wessman Arena.
    • 5,213 fixtures and bulb retrofits.
  • $812,000 project budget.
  • Focus on Energy incentive - $26,374.39.
  • Projected annual energy cost savings of $52,614.
  • Projected annual energy savings of 731,292 kWh – that saved energy could power 65 homes a year.
  • Other benefits.
    • Reduced Greenhouse Gasses.
      • CO2 annual reduction of 1,602,543 pounds.
      • SO2 annual reduction of 8,922 pounds.
      • NOx annual reduction of 4,168 pounds.
    • Improved quality of light.
      • Reduced eye strain.
      • Light levels designed for the tasks being performed in each space.
      • Dimmable light levels.
      • Studies show that LED lighting in learning environments increases learning performance.
    • Longer life lamps reduce the cost of more frequent replacements and maintenance.
    • Reduced toxic waste in landfills and reduced hazardous material disposal costs by substantially decreasing the number of fluorescent bulbs used on campus.
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