Saving Taxpayers Thousands & Only One Year on the Job
18 Projects in 2022

Hitting the Ground Running

When you start a new job, it can take some time to “learn the ropes.” Most people tend to figure out processes, determine needs, and figure out how to integrate into the company culture.

Rock County Facilities Management Superintendent Michael Parille isn’t “most people” and what he accomplished with his brand-new team, saving taxpayers thousands of dollars, during his first year on the job, 2022, helped earn Rock County a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

“This wasn't me by any means,” Michael Parille, Rock County Facilities Management Superintendent told the crowd at the award Ceremony. “It was every member of the team that did all the installs and, and worked through all the light fixtures and, and boilers and the projects. And without the team, none of this would've happened.”

11 buildings.

1.4 million square feet of county building space in the Janesville and Beloit-metro areas.

18 projects in 2022 that included all new energy-efficient light fixtures as well as boiler replacements.

$45,000 a year saved on utility bills.

A more than $33,000 Focus on Energy incentive for all 18 projects in 2022 saved more than 20,000 therms and 214,000 kilowatt hours – that saves taxpayers $45,000 per year on utility bills for all government buildings.

“They make it their mission to save energy and also improve occupant comfort,” Chris Seitz

Focus on Energy Advisor said. “I think that's a big one that you don’t think about when you put in some new equipment or things like that.”

Of course, Rock County Operations staff didn’t stop there, implementing more energy reduction projects in 2023.

“The collaboration between Focus on Energy, Alliant Energy, and the Rock County Facilities Management Team to make these energy efficiency upgrades possible is truly inspiring and what the Focus on Energy program represents,” Kathy Blumenfeld, Department of Administration Secretary-designee said.

“I want to commend you all for doing us outstanding job utilizing these resources,” Kimberly Miller, Alliant Energy Key Account Manager said. “And utilizing Alliant Energy, allowing us to partner and collaborate with you."

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