Points East Pub

Milwaukee, WI
WE Energies

In January 2014, Focus on Energy Trade Ally CMJ Lighting & Electrical, out of Sussex, contacted Milwaukee’s popular bar/restaurant, Points East Pub, offering to perform a free lighting assessment. After CMJ Lighting & Electrical performed the assessment, they were able to determine that Points East Pub would save approximately $1,013.17 annually by enrolling in the Small Business Program.

“Matt from CJM made the process seamless,” said Mark Rasmussen, owner of Points East Pub.  “He walked through my business and put together a proposal to show the energy savings. It just made sense.”

On March 13, 2014, CMJ completed the energy savings upgrades for Points East Pub. Rasmussen chose to have the Platinum Package installed at his business. The Platinum Package is an upgrade from the Small Business Program’s Silver Package that is offered at a low cost to customers. This package is suited for pubs like Points East.  The upgraded package offers up to 148 LED screw-in lamps, LED fixture replacements, and additional LED exit signs and occupancy sensors.

Points East Pub had nearly 91 incandescent light bulbs replaced with more energy efficient LEDs. Occupancy sensors were added to more low traffic areas, such as the basement and offices which automatically turn off the lights when a space is not occupied.

“We converted our lighting to LEDs along with the installation of strip curtains in the cooler,” said Rasmussen.  “It was a win-win. I am already seeing energy savings after participating in Focus on Energy’s Small Business Program. I would estimate I’m saving about $50 to $60 per month which makes a huge difference for us.”

The pub also had pipe wrap insulation installed on their water heater to help maintain temperature consistency.


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