Palermo's Pizza

Milwaukee, WI
WE Energies and Wisconsin Gas

Palermo’s Pizza is Milwaukee’s hometown frozen pizza manufacturer. Palermo’s Pizza operates in a 250,000-square-foot, USDA and FDA-approved and -inspected facility on Canal Street in Milwaukee’s Menomonee Valley. Palermo’s moved into Villa Palermo, which includes the company’s headquarters and manufacturing plant in 2006, and made expansions to the plant in 2011. The site is modern and has many features that make it energy efficient. Still, the company knows that additional opportunities exist to improve its environmental performance.

Palermo’s commitment to continuous improvement in every aspect of its business is reflected in the Palermo Way – a pizza-shaped representation of the company’s corporate culture. The Palermo Way, the slices that focus on Stewardship (caring for the environment) and Innovation (strategic focus) guided Steve Daniels, plant engineer, to reach out to We Energies and Focus on Energy. Palermo’s Pizza was able to learn what additional resources were available to help Palermo’s achieve additional energy savings, and enhance its commitment to the environment.

The company now conducts bimonthly energy team meetings with We Energies, Focus on Energy, and its electrical Trade Ally. More importantly are the uses of energy services and identifying incentives to maximize return on investment from projects to save energy. Palermo’s has been busy improving refrigeration, lighting, maintenance, and safety throughout the plant. Through its commitment to energy management, Palermo’s continues to deliver on its mission to “Deliver a Great Pizza Experience.”

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