OakLeaf Surgical Hospital

Altoona, WI
Xcel Energy

OakLeaf Surgical Hospital serves residents across western Wisconsin.  Today, 52 surgeons in 14 specialties offer surgical procedures at OakLeaf on an outpatient or extended stay basis.  In 2011, prior to construction on the facility, Focus on Energy’s Energy Advisor, Patrick Batz, was contacted by the engineering firm drawing up the original plans for OakLeaf Surgical Hospital. 

During the design and development process, the construction site and many building specifications changed.  Construction was placed on hold and a new engineering firm took the project over.  During the summer of 2012, Batz was brought into the loop again, teaming up with the project manager, Mike Kump.

From that point on, meetings were conducted with the various trade allies involved to make sure all equipment would qualify for energy efficiency incentives.  The project was kept under close watch through fall of 2014 when Batz and the Focus on Energy team conducted the final post inspection.  They helped to fill out the final incentive applications that led to OakLeaf Surgical Hospital’s documented energy savings of 70.79 kW, 7,274,167 kWh (lifecyle), and 513,600 therms (lifecycle).  These documented energy savings enabled the customer to receive an incentive totaling $93,135.55.  The new state-of-the-art acute care surgical facility includes seven surgical suites, two GI suites, a pain management center, and a 13-bed inpatient care unit.


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