Lighting an Energy-Efficient Future For Wisconsin Manufacturers
Thanks, Bill Smiley!

Relationships Grow Profit

Atlas Electric and Control knows a thing or two about gaining the trust of large industrial manufacturers in and around Wausau. The Focus on Energy Trade Ally Contractor’s success focuses on relationships over its own profit.

Atlas Electric and Control is continuously showing Wisconsin business owners how they can make profits with energy efficiency and is why they are deserving of a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

Wisconsin’s large industrials around Wausau can thank Bill Smiley for lower energy bills every month, better lighting for employees and…

“There are entire solutions from a new building to upgrading their machines,” said Smiley, owner of Atlas Electric and Control. “You have to prove to them that it's not just money, that it's helping their business move forward with quality control, saving energy.”

Atlas Electric and Control

Atlas Electric constantly searches for energy efficiency improvements which will benefit long-term customers. In 2022 alone, working with partner utility Wisconsin Public Service and Focus on Energy, the energy efficiency solutions Atlas Electric provided saved more than 1.2 million therms.

That is enough energy to power 81 homes in Wisconsin for one year.

“As far as the last couple of years, you submitted 26 projects to Focus on Energy,” said Ryan Negro, Focus on Energy Advisor. “You got about $115,000 worth of incentives to customers with energy savings of about $325,000 for all of those projects.”

That trust is why Atlas Electric is a leading provider of electrical automation and control systems by perpetuating a commitment to efficient use of energy resources.

“What makes Atlas Electric an exceptional Trade Ally partner?” asked Frank Barth, Focus on Energy Utility Relations Manager. “Well, this statement from their website really summed it up for me. ‘We value the energy that is both produced and used by consumers. And we believe that by investing our time and expertise throughout the design, and installation and maintenance process, we can improve electrical efficiency and foster relationships extending far into the future.’”

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