G&K Services

G&K Services

Green Bay, WI

G&K Services operates large-scale industrial laundry facilities and has utilized Focus on Energy’s expertise and incentives for various upgrades in their facility. Environmental stewardship is one of the company’s core values.

With one of their projects, G&K Services had a goal to use heat recovery systems to decrease natural gas consumption at their plant, which would reduce carbon emissions and lower operating costs. Natural gas used to heat water and run dryers and other equipment is a significant cost for the company. When they contacted Focus on Energy, they were using several heat recovery systems in their facility and were looking for opportunities to maximize the efficiency of these systems.

Focus on Energy conducted an evaluation of the equipment in the plant to identify additional points where they could recover heat and put it back into their processes. The review uncovered a promising opportunity and G&K Services installed another heat recovery system to recover and utilize more even more energy. The end result was reduced natural gas consumption, lower costs, and a decrease in the amount of time needed to run that process.

G&K Services has also used Focus on Energy for some large scale high efficiency lighting projects and variable speed air compressor upgrades that reduced their electrical consumption.

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