Faith in the Team Accomplishes Energy Savings for Wisconsin Businesses
Building a Strong Team

Leadership Accomplishes Goals

Building a strong team, in sports or business, requires more than leadership.

It requires faith; faith in yourself as “Team Leader” to build the team you know can accomplish the goals.

Jay Polena trusts his faith and his team. Polena is Vice President of NCLED, a Focus on Energy Trade Ally Contractor. He has a small but extremely passionate team and what they have accomplished for 350 Wisconsin Businesses in only five years earned the De Pere business a 2023 Trade Ally Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

“Never say that's good enough,” Polena told those at the award ceremony. “We strive to utilize all the tools available to us, including the wonderful people at Focus on Energy to achieve nothing short of the best for the people we serve.”

NCLED Wide Shot
Commercial and Industrial Lighting Design

Five years, $1.4 Million in Incentives

NCLED specializes in lighting design and layout as well as installation of LEDs for manufacturing plants or commercial properties looking to improve visibility, site security, and employee productivity.

Since 2017 with Focus on Energy, you guys have served well over 350 customers,” Kyle Thomas, Focus on Energy Advisor said at the ceremony. “600 different projects through Focus on Energy.”

Just five team members in the office.

“Unfortunately, out in field today, our install team,” Polena said. “Our team of professional installers have always taken pride in their craft from start to finish.”

Energy Saved Powers 48,000 Homes

Hard Work and Dedication

The team’s energy efficiency work has saved 350,000,000 lifecycle kilowatt-hours (kWh).

“You know, you guys have helped customers receive almost $1.4 million from Focus on Energy incentives,” Thomas said.

Remember, that’s just in five years!

Those incentives created energy savings equivalent to powering more than 48,000 homes in Wisconsin for one year.

“So even though I'm the one accepting this award, just know this is not for me,” Polena said. “This award is to show all of you that your hard work and dedication has not gone unnoticed. Congratulations to all of you and thank you for all that you do and thank you for helping me grow as vice president of this company. I'm truly honored and blessed to have each of you in my life.”

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