Deserted Manitowoc Factory Returns to Life Creating Jobs with Energy Efficiency Projects, Focusing on Sustainability

Manitowoc, WI
Manitowoc Municipal Utility

When Manitowoc Crane turned off the lights at their 330,000 square foot facility in 2016 to move operations to Pennsylvania, the community watched yet another large industrial manufacturer take more jobs out of Wisconsin. The facility sat vacant until 2019, when Alliance Laundry Systems transformed the facility into a modern, energy-efficient workspace and brought back 200 jobs to the Manitowoc community.

In May 2021, FOCUS ON ENERGY® presented Alliance Laundry Systems with an incentive check for more than $200,000 for energy efficiency improvements made to their new facility. Manitowoc Public Utilities and Focus on Energy partnered to ensure all the updates to the plant maximized the reduction of energy waste.

“Throughout this process, we have striven to create a clean, clear, and bright working environment,” Brad Nye, Vice President of Operations at Alliance Laundry Systems said. “Energy efficiency is an important part of that process.”

Alliance Laundry Systems incorporated energy-efficient equipment, high-performance HVAC systems, and natural light in their facility. Thanks to Focus on Energy their staff enjoys a better work environment not seen on other factory floors.

“This is not only good for our bottom line, but energy efficiency also enhances quality of life for our team members,” Nye said. “When we transitioned our Plastics Department to this facility, we decided to invest in energy-efficient, electric presses. Focus on Energy and Manitowoc Public Utilities were great partners in that decision, providing us with valuable information and incentives.”

“It has been a pleasure to work with Alliance Laundry Systems’ leadership, as they focus on energy efficiency while bringing operations in Manitowoc to life,” Manitowoc Public Utilities Key Accounts & Meter Services Manager Eric Duenkel said.

The new electric, energy efficiency injection molding presses make up 75% of the energy savings realized by Alliance Laundry Systems. Alliance Laundry Systems’ projects have saved 4,060,000 kilowatt hours and 11,000 therms in natural gas annually which is the equivalent to the energy needed to power 533 homes for a year.

Another way to look at the energy savings: the energy efficiency products removed the emissions from driving the average passenger vehicle 7,200,000 miles or 306 times around the world.

“Alliance Laundry took an empty shell of a building, even during the pandemic, and rejuvenated business in Manitowoc,” Focus on Energy Senior Energy Advisor Richard Feustel said. “Alliance is saving $270,000 each year. This energy savings is the gift that keeps on giving. Alliance will continue to save this energy and money, year after year after year."

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