Arbor Crossing Apartments

Middleton, WI
Madison Gas & Electric

Stone House Development has a strong history of building energy-efficient multifamily projects in Wisconsin. As a WHEDA low-income housing developer and property manager, the firm is motivated to create efficiently-operating, low-energy-using housing for the long term.

In 2010 Stone House Development completed the first ENERGY STAR® Certified multifamily hi-rise project in WI. The Design Assistance Program at Focus on Energy supported this endeavor, and program participation has been a regular component of the design & construction process in the years since. Today, the Arbor Crossing Apartment project stands fully occupied, featuring in-floor radiant heat, many LED light fixtures, day-lit common hallways with light-sensing controls, and a well-insulated underground parking garage that requires no mechanical heating system, even in this northern climate.  Another successful project completed.

"I'd like to extend my appreciation of working with Dorene and her staff on our most recent multi-family housing project, Arbor Crossing Apartments.  The Design Assistance Program and Dorene's knowledge gave us energy-saving advantages that, as a developer and long-term owner, are essential.    With their foresight, we were able to reduce our upfront costs in making our building exceed energy efficiency standards.  We have also experienced cost savings with our utility bills that will provide years of financial benefit.  Dorene and her staff worked wonderfully with my project team from the early planning stages to the final construction walk-through.  This positive experience will not only carry out through years of this project, but our future projects as well. " Rich Arnesen, Vice President, Stone House Development, Inc.

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