125 Years in Germantown Using Energy Efficiency for Sustainability and the Community
Responsible Energy Usage

True to the Community

If you have eaten nachos at Lambeau, American Family Insurance Park, or at a Marcus Movie Theater, you have tasted the magnificent Gehl’s Cheese Sauce. Made right here in Germantown, Wisconsin, Gehl’s Food & Beverage has expanded in its 125 years while staying true to its community.

That’s just one reason Focus on Energy Recently honored Gehl Foods and Beverage with a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award.

Five Key Principles
Gehl Food & Beverage

“I want to personally thank Gehl Foods for making that cheese sauce,” said LT. Governor Sara Rodriguez. “I get it every time I go to the stadium. It's fantastic!”

Wisconsin’s Lieutenant Governor knows her nachos need Gehl’s cheese sauce! She also wants Wisconsin to know Gehl Food & Beverage is a leader in energy efficiency built into the company’s foundation.

“By centering their work around five key principles,” Lt. Governor Rodriguez said. “Responsible consumption and production, energy, usage reduction, climate and water stewardship, sustainability and retention initiatives, and a strong focus on employee health and wellbeing.”

Gehl Food & Beverage produces hundreds of products in Germantown and two other plants in the United States. The company understands the energy it requires for production and knows its sustainability and growth relies on responsible energy usage not only for production.

Community and Partnership

For its employees and for the community as well.

“It's been truly a team effort, said Jorge Luis Ramos, Germantown Facility Validations Engineer. “And thank you to Focus for working with us and making this, identifying and making this project, possible.”

Gehl recently completed a three-year refrigeration and process improvement project and an extensive LED upgrade. In the last eight years, Gehl’s commitment to energy efficiency technology while producing cheese and chili sauces, puddings, and ready-to-drink nutritional beverages has saved enough energy to power 924 homes in Wisconsin for one year.

“We recently invested over 50 million in the expansion that you see here to create more jobs, and to be a bigger part of the community,” said Alexandra Kerr, Gehl Food & Beverage Executive Vice President & Chief Operating Officer. “It takes support from the state, from our team here, from our community, really for us to be successful. So, I appreciate the partnership.”

Growing the Economy

This year, Gehl will complete variable frequency drive upgrades and install four process steam filters. These energy saving projects could power an additional 306 Wisconsin homes for a year. Gehl Foods & Beverage can claim their energy efficiency work saved energy to power 1230 homes in Wisconsin!

“Partnerships like this between Gehl Foods, Focus on Energy, and WE Energies exemplify the potential that exists in our state when businesses, government entities and community partners all work together,” said Mike Ward, VP of Business & Community Development for Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation. “These improvements make economic sense. They create jobs, and they help move us towards our state's goal of making all electricity consumed in Wisconsin carbon free by 2050.”

Congratulations to Gehl Food & Beverage, a 2023 Energy Efficiency Excellence Award recipient.

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