Strategic waste heat recovery for industrial facilities held by Slipstream

April 19, 2023 10:00 AM
Live Webinar

Live webinar offered by Slipstream

It is estimated that 20-50% of industrial energy input is lost in the form of waste heat from hot exhaust, condensing vapors, and cooling water systems. This loss can be attributed to a lack of energy recovery processes and poor process integration. Join us to learn about waste heat reduction and recovery opportunities available to improve your building’s energy efficiency and productivity, while reducing your operating costs and carbon footprint.

As the industrial sector continues working toward de-carbonization and beneficial electrification, it is increasingly important to implement strategic approaches to recovering waste heat in the most cost-effective manner. In this webinar we will explore available waste heat recovery technologies and approaches as well as real world examples of how many industrial facilities are implementing them.

The goal of this session is to help plant operators and engineers recognize potential opportunities to reduce and recover energy in industrial process operations and facilities. Leveraging case studies and real-world examples, we will cover topics like:

  • Understanding why waste heat recovery is critical to your business processes and knowing the difference between quantity and quality.
  • How to identify and quantify heat recovery opportunities.
  • When to consider energy recovery strategies versus modifying existing operations.
  • And specific waste heat recovery methods like:
    • Direct and indirect heat exchange
    • Waste heat to power
    • Mechanical and thermal vapor recompression
    • Closed cycle heat pumps

What you'll learn:

  • Recognize the importance of waste heat recovery.
  • Identify waste energy quantity versus quality.
  • Employ methods to identify and quantify heat recovery opportunities. 
  • Understand when to consider energy recovery strategies versus modifying existing operations.
  • Distinguish between different waste heat recovery methods such as direct and indirect heat exchange, waste heat to power, mechanical and thermal vapor recompression, and closed cycle heat pumps.

Prerequisite: you must have a general understanding of energy and related systems.

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