Business Incentive Program

Turn Energy Savings into Your Competitive Edge

We want to help Wisconsin businesses, like yours, get the most out of their energy and business dollar. Flex your investment power and stretch your budget by participating in the Focus on Energy Business Incentive Program.

Top reasons to consider energy efficiency:

  1. Turn energy savings into profits
  2. Help improve Wisconsin’s economy
  3. Improve quality of life for your employees
  4. Do something good for the environment

Download the Business Incentive Program fact sheet for more information on how energy efficiency can benefit your business!

Also available:

Customers Who Qualify

  • Commercial and industrial customers who on average use less than 1,000 kW each month. Agriculture, schools and government facilities qualify for incentives through the Agriculture, Schools and Government Program.
  • BIP qualifying customers who use less than an average of 40,000 kWh in July and August may qualify for enhanced incentives through the Small Business Program.
  • Commercial facilities can include banks, hotels, restaurants, healthcare, commercial real estate, grocery stores, etc.
  • Industrial facilities include manufacturing, breweries, food and beverage processing, etc.

The Path to Savings, and Profits, is Easy

Learn more by downloading the Business Incentive Program fact sheet.  Eligible customers may qualify for custom or prescriptive incentives.


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