Business Incentive Program

Turn energy savings into your competitive advantage

We want to help Wisconsin businesses, like yours, get the most out of their energy and business dollar. Flex your investment power and stretch your budget by participating in the Focus on Energy Business Incentive Program.

Top reasons to consider energy efficiency:

  • Turn energy savings into profits
  • Help improve Wisconsin's economy
  • Improve quality of life for your employees
  • Do something good for the environment

Let the Business Incentive Program help make your business more efficient through our comprehensive incentive offerings. 

Who is eligible for the Business Incentive Program (BIP)?

Qualifying customers include commercial and industrial businesses who average 1,000 kW or less per month.  Typical businesses include, but are not limited to, banks, hotels, grocery stores, breweries, food processing, and manufacturing.

Businesses which involve the use of single family homes or residential dwellings with three units or less as income properties do not qualify for the Business Incentive Program.  If you are a customer who operates a business on a residential utility rate, eligibility for Business Incentive Program incentives is not guaranteed.  Please contact the Program at 877.334.1721 for assistance in determining what incentives your property may qualify for.

Businesses which do not fall under AgSG, LEU, or MESP should apply for incentives under the Business Incentive Program.  Small Business Program customers may apply for BIP incentives if no Small Business Program specific measure is available.

How do I get started?

  1. Work with a contractor or Energy Advisor to identify where what saving opportunities exist for your business or discuss incentive opportunities for a project you've already identified.

  2. Determine if your project qualifies for prescriptive or custom incentives

    • Prescriptive incentives are set dollar amounts for more standard equipment replacements. You can find a complete list of our prescriptive incentive offerings by visiting our catalogs & applications page. Review the incentive catalogs for a full listing of incentives and equipment requirements. Pre-approval is typically not required unless otherwise stated in the catalog.
    1. Reservation codes are required on select measures. See catalog for full details.
    2. Delamping reservation code requests can now be completed online.
    • Custom incentives are for more unique equipment replacements, such as when equipment is being added or even eliminated. Custom incentives vary based on the estimated energy savings and pre-approval is required prior to equipment being purchased, ordered, or installed. Work with an Energy Advisor to determine what incentive your project may be eligible for.
  3. Install your equipment and submit your incentive application within 60 days of installation.

    *Deadlines and paperwork requirements may vary for custom incentives. Contact an Energy Advisor for more information.

  4. Receive your incentive and start saving!

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Resources for your Business

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