Top Benefits of Reducing Air Leaks In Multifamily Buildings

Many of the same techniques that we use to keep single-family homes comfortable, healthy and energy efficient are just as valuable for multifamily properties. That includes improving insulation and sealing up air leaks. Preventing air infiltration between units and to the exterior brings a host of benefits to these buildings and helps solve many common issues.

Boosting comfort

Insulation and air sealing reduces drafts and works to keep the warm air where you want it: outside during the summer and inside during the cold winter. Limiting the transfer of noise, smoke and odor between units is another benefit that’s especially helpful in multifamily properties.

Saving energy and money

These same upgrades also work wonders for improving energy efficiency. And when you use less energy per unit, renters and owners can enjoy lower monthly bills, more effective heating and cooling, and less costly maintenance.

Improving indoor air quality

Air sealing helps multifamily properties keep out pests, pollutants and allergens. It also prevents moisture, reduces the risk of mold and water damage, and helps each unit maintain healthier indoor air quality.

Are you looking for ways to save energy, manage costs, and improve the comfort and health of your multifamily property? FOCUS ON ENERGY® can help. Reach out to one of our Trade Ally contractors to learn about incentives for insulation, air sealing and other energy-saving improvements.

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