The Right Heat Pump for Your New Home
Energy-Efficient Heat Pump Technology

If you’re building a new home from the ground up and considering energy-efficient heat pump technology for your heating and cooling needs.

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Understanding Heat Pump Differences
Three Types of Heat Pumps
Air Source Heat Pump
ASHP Mini Split

Often the most accessible, affordable option, a mini-split air source heat pump is a good solution for heating and cooling a smaller space. These units provide ductless climate control for your home through an indoor air handler connected to an outdoor compressor. It is not uncommon to see multiple mini-splits installed in “zones” throughout a home – an efficient, effective way to heat and cool spaces only as needed.

Ground Source Heat Pump
Ground Source Heat Pump

For a larger home, a ground source heat pump (GSHP) may be a viable option. Rather than using air, GSHPs utilize the even temperature of the earth or ground water below your property to aid in the heating and cooling of your home. While more expensive to purchase and install, these systems (also known as geothermal or water source heat pumps) are the most efficient type of heat pump available, using about half as much electricity as conventional HVAC systems.

Air-to-Water Heat Pump
Modern Air to Water Heat Pump

A third option to consider is an air-to-water heat pump (AWHP). Like traditional radiant systems, AWHPs condition water which then heats and cools a home as it moves through strategically placed pipes. This technology is somewhat new in the United States but developing rapidly. These units receive extra points for being able to satisfy household hot water needs as well.

Identify the Right Heat Pump for You

Check out the Electric Heat Pump Customer Buying and Operation Guide for Single-family Homes to find out which heat pump technology is best suited to your new home.

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