Save with FREE Energy-Saving Products This Fall and Winter

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Wisconsin winter is coming, and while this means ice fishing, pond hockey, and snowmobiling, it also means higher than average energy bills. But don’t worry! FOCUS ON ENERGY® has a simple solution for residents to save energy and money.

Get a FREE energy-saving pack filled with energy-efficient lighting and products, delivered right to your door. These items are easy to install and can make an immediate impact in your home, with plenty of variety for you to choose from.

Packs are available for both homeowners and renters. Read on to learn which pack might be right for you:
• Have a lot of table lamps? Consider the Focus Lightbulb Pack. Replacing your inefficient light bulbs with LEDs is one of the fastest ways to cut your energy bill.
• Do you have downlights in your kitchen, dining room or bedroom? They may have halogen bulbs that run so hot they can fry an egg. Get the Focus Flood Light Pack to swap out those bulbs for efficient LED BR30s.
• Are you a gamer? Do you own every electronic device available? Cut passive power loss (energy used when devices are in standby or off modes, e.g. they have clocks or remotes) with an advanced power strip (APS). Order the Focus Pack with APS to reduce waste from your home entertainment set up.

You can’t go wrong with any pack you order – they will all help you combat an increased energy bill this winter. Just remember before you order get your landlord’s permission to install the pack contents in your apartment.

If you are a property manager and want to order for your tenants, send us an email at

For more information and for other ways to save, click here.

Posted October 2019

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