Homeowner’s Guide to Rooftop Solar

Reaching for the sun has never been more affordable. The price of solar panels is going down every year, and with available tax credits plus FOCUS ON ENERGY® incentives, you can have a large percentage of your upfront costs covered. If you’ve been thinking about using clean, renewable solar energy for your home, consider the following questions.

How does solar work?

The main technology used for rooftop solar panels is photovoltaics (or PV). When the sun hits these panels, photons are absorbed by the cells, creating an electrical field that causes electricity to flow.

Is my home a good fit?

Solar panels are designed to work in all climates, including here in Wisconsin. They typically work best on south-facing roofs with a slope between 15 and 40 degrees, according to the US Department of Energy, though other roofs can work, too. A simple assessment can determine if your home is a good fit.

What are the benefits?

By going solar, you’re making a difference for your home and your home state. Lower your energy bills and add value to your home, enjoy greater energy independence and support a cleaner, greener Wisconsin. Systems are silent, reliable, and require very little ongoing maintenance.

How can I save on my solar installation?

Working with a Focus on Energy Trade Ally contractor will help ensure you get a top-quality installation with the right mix of incentives, tax credits, and financing options to meet your needs. Your Trade Ally contractor will help you find the renewable system that’s right for your home, estimate energy savings, calculate your incentive, and provide a quote.

To learn more and get started, find a Trade Ally contractor at focusonenergy.com/findatradeally or call 855.339.8866.

Man on Rooftop Installing Solar Panels

Posted June 2019.

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