Is solar energy a good fit for your small business?

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Is solar energy a good fit for your small business?

Solar panels on a rooftop with a chimney in the background.

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Sustainability can impact your small business in a number of positive ways. While the main driver may be to reduce your operating costs, you can also take pride in marketing yourself as a thoughtful, energy-conscious business, powered by renewables. Here’s a look at some top reasons to consider going solar.

Energy cost savings

Many small businesses operate on a tight budget and any chance to save makes a difference. By powering your business with renewable energy, you can eliminate worries about high energy costs and instead enjoy a low, predictable electric bill for years to come. 

Solar is more affordable than ever

The price of solar panels and installation has gone down considerably in recent years. And with FOCUS ON ENERGY® cash incentives, plus available tax credits, you can typically cover a large percentage of your upfront investment. 

Reliable and low-maintenance

Solar electric systems are silent, very reliable and require little to no maintenance because there aren’t any moving parts. They’re installed on racks strategically placed on rooftops or ground mounted to maximize sun exposure.

Stand out as a sustainable business

Your commitment to clean solar energy can help you create a sustainable, energy-responsible image for your business. By using renewables, you’re also supporting a more energy-independent future for Wisconsin.

Thinking of taking your business solar? Find out more about Focus on Energy solar incentives and resources.


Posted July 2020.

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