Get free energy-efficient packs from FOCUS ON ENERGY® this winter!

Are you looking to save energy and money while improving your home comfort this winter? Get started through Focus on Energy — you can choose from six free energy-efficient packs that we send right to your home. The hardest part is picking which pack is right for you, but we have a few ideas to help you find the right pack for whichever room in your home you are looking to upgrade.

The light bulb pack is perfect for changing all your bedroom lamps over to energy-efficient LEDs, no matter if you have overhead sconce lighting, ceiling fans, or table or desk lamps.
Dining room
If you are looking to entertain, pick the decorative light pack and put it in your dining room. Candle LEDs are elegant, dimmable, and have good lumen output to brighten up your room for any occasion.

Replace your recessed can lighting with energy efficient BR30s by selecting the floodlight pack. Typical halogen floodlights burn so hot they can fry an egg.

Pick between the fixed showerhead and hand showerhead packs, each of which come with globe LED lights that are perfect for a bath bar fixture and two aerators for your faucets.
Family room
Curb plug load use with the Pack with APS, or an advanced power strip, in your family room. This special power strip reduces passive power loss (energy wasted from devices that have remotes or clocks) that surprisingly adds up if you have a lot of devices.


To order your FREE energy-saving pack, click here or call 800.762.7077. 

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Posted November 2019 

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