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Whole Home Improvements

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Heating & Cooling Improvements

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Renewable Energy 



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 More Info: Agribusiness Incentives 

Commercial & Industrial 

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Cooking Equipment, Commercial Kitchen Ventilation Equipment, & Washing Equipment

 More Info: Food Service Equipment Incentives

Case Lighting, Commercial Refrigerators, Commercial Freezers, Commercial Ice Machines, Electronically Commutated Motors, Energy-Efficient Doors, Non Self-Contained Controls, Open Case Modifications, Self-Contained Controls, Vending Machines

More Info: Refrigeration Incentives

Enrollment Wizard

Appliances, Aeroators & Showerheads, Boilers, Boiler Controls & Burners, Chillers, Direct Expansion Systems, Dock Seals & Hinges, Forced Air & Radiant Heat, Insulation, Steam Systems, VFDs for HVAC, Ventilation Upgrades & Controls, and Water Heaters 

More Info: HVAC Equipment Incentives

More Info: Express Building Tune Up

Daylight Controls, Exterior Flood, Exterior Controls, Fuel and High Canopy, High Bay & Low Bay, High Bay Controls, Linear Fluorescent, Non High Bay Controls, Other Interior & Exterior Fixtures, Parking Garage & Low-Canopy, Pole-Mounted, Replacement Lamps, Wall-Mounted

More Info: Lighting Equipment Incentives 

Air Compressors, Accessories/Ancillary Equipment, Compressed Air Load Shifting, Compressed Air Survey Leak & Repair, Heat Recovery, Heat Treating, Plastics, Process Exhaust Filtration, Pulp & Paper, Steam Trap Maintenance & Replacement, Pumps & Fans, VFDs for Process 

More Info: Process Systems

Compressed Air Heat Recovery Measure Reinstated for LEUP Customers

 More Info: RTU Incentives

More Info: RCx Trade Ally Information

RCx Business Information

More Info:Specialty Measures
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Custom Projects

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   More Info: Custom Projects & Incentives 


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Trade Ally 

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More Info: Application Submission Requirements

More Info: Home Performance with ENERGY STAR® Program


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