About the Pilot

The Focus on Energy Virtual Commissioning (VCx) pilot provides an innovative way to help small to midsize businesses reduce their energy use without the need for an on-site visit or costly investments. On average, VCx can help businesses save 14% on their annual energy use. Even better, participation is fast, easy, and free.

Implementer: Power TakeOff

Timeline: May 2021- December 2023

Sector: Business

How VCx™ Works

  • Utility Meter Data Analysis: Focus on Energy receives energy usage data from your utility. Our team analyzes the data to uncover unexpected and wasted energy at your facility.
  • Personalized Recommendations: Your Energy Advisor identifies easy to implement low- and no-cost recommendations for your facility and provides ongoing support.
  • Virtually Delivered: No on-site visits or in-person audits are required. Communication with an Energy Advisor is provided virtually and remotely, by email or phone.
  • Measured Results: Your Energy Advisor measures and verifies the energy savings impacts of the implemented adjustments.

Example Meter Data

Example Meter Data

What to Expect

If you are identified as a business who may benefit from VCx, an Energy Advisor will contact you directly to learn more about your facility’s energy usage and business priorities. This information is used to inform your list of energy savings opportunities, which most often include:

  1. Optimizing equipment schedules
  2. Managing equipment start-up and shut-down schedules
  3. Identifying equipment setbacks to address unnecessary usage

From first contact to energy savings confirmation, participants can expect to commit two to four hours of their time to the entire process.

For more information about the VCx™ pilot, contact Focus on Energy at 888.623.2146 or

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