Propane fueled equipment

propane fueled equipment

Do you use propane for your farm or agribusiness? Focus on Energy, in partnership with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin Office of Energy Innovation (PSC WI-OEI), is offering energy efficiency incentives for agricultural customers who currently use propane to fuel specific equipment.

Funding for incentives related to energy-efficient propane equipment has been made possible through a federal US Department of Energy State Energy Program grant to the PSC WI-OEI. These incentives are delivered in partnership with Focus on Energy through its statewide network of energy advisors.

To qualify:

  • Must be a farm or agribusiness.
  • Must have a Focus on Energy participating utility provider.
  • Must use propane to fuel incentivized equipment.
  • Funding is limited; start saving today! Get in touch with an Energy Advisor.

Get started:

  1. Identify energy-efficient technology by reviewing the Propane and Electric Incentive Catalog for agribusiness.

  2. Complete a Propane and Electric Incentive Application for Agribusiness [PDF] for preapproval, a Agribusiness Supplemental Data Sheet (if needed), and reserve funding before purchasing equipment

  3. Submit completion notice and invoices when the project is complete.

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Potential technologies include

Equipment Incentive
Boilers and Unit Heaters $1-$3/MBh of capacity
Hot Water Heaters Varies based on size $150-$1,000
Refrigeration Heat Recovery Units $600/unit
Grain Dryers $16/Bushel/hr drying capacity
Greenhouse Climate Controls $0.03/ft2

Can’t find a specific type of technology? Call 888.623.2146 to find out if your equipment qualifies for an incentive.