Water & Wastewater Facilities

2019 Wastewater Special Offerings

Become more energy efficient in 2019! Focus on Energy has several offerings designed to improve the efficiency of your plant, saving you both time and money.

Wastewater Energy Management:

Implement the no-cost/low-cost improvement measures identified from the Wastewater Plant Energy Assessment or start your energy savings journey here by implementing operations and maintenance improvements identified to save energy.

Wastewater Energy Management Application

Water and Wastewater Industry Energy Efficiency Best Practices Guidebook

Top 25 Low Cost - No Cost Saving Opportunities

Project Assessment Incentive:

Assess a specific measure identified from your assessment with the Project Assessment Incentive process. The Project Assessment Incentive studies and develops a complex project that will increase energy efficiency for a customer.

Project Assessment Incentive Form

Water and Wastewater Industry Energy Efficiency Best Practices Guidebook

Top 25 Low Cost - No Cost Saving Opportunities

Bonus on all Capital Projects:

Focus on Energy will be providing enhanced incentive rates on custom process projects to Municipal Wastewater customers.
Custom Incentive Bonus Details:

  • $0.06/kWh; $125/kW
  • Custom applications must be submitted for pre-approval by December 31, 2019
  • Enhanced incentives for custom process upgrades; does not include building lighting or HVAC projects

Focus on Energy will be providing a special 20% incentive bonus on all prescriptive projects to Municipal Water and Wastewater customers.
Prescriptive Incentive Bonus Details:

  • Offering is eligible up to $1,000 bonus/project (not to exceed $5,000 annually per customer)
  • Prescriptive Projects must be submitted by December 31, 2019
  • On the application indicate water or wastewater in the “Other” section for business property type (no additional paperwork needed)

For more information, contact your local Energy Advisor or call 888.947.7828 to speak with an AgSG Representative.

Feasibility Study for Existing or New Anaerobic Digester Facilities for Use of Biogas as a Renewable Energy Source

Focus on Energy offers feasibility study grants designed to encourage end-users to undertake renewable energy biogas projects at existing or new anaerobic digester facilities.  Study grants are also provided for assessing the feasibility of installing new on-site anaerobic pretreatment facilities. These grants assist Wisconsin businesses in overcoming financial barriers to make the study and conceptual engineering of complex upgrades possible. Grant Application and Guidelines can be downloaded below:

Feasibility Study Application

Feasibility Study Guidelines

Visit focusonenergy.com/applications to download a copy of the 2019 business catalogs.