New Home Certification

Build a Focus on Energy Certified New Home

Build a new home that is up to 100% more energy efficient than the average new home built in Wisconsin.

We pair prospective homeowners with builders and energy experts to construct new homes that are between 25 and 100 percent more efficient than homes built to Wisconsin’s Uniform Dwelling Code. They are built to be as comfortable, durable, combustion safe and energy efficient as possible.

New Home Certification Advantages:

Your Focus on Energy Building Performance Consultant will make sure your home meets the highest standards for energy efficiency, combustion safety, comfort and durability—ensuring your dream home is also a sound investment. In addition to a more energy-efficient home, you will also enjoy other benefits, including:

  • Dedicated builders – Focus on Energy rewards builders for constructing homes to be as efficient as possible, so you know your new home will be built to save energy for years to come.
  • Lower energy bills – A Focus on Energy Certified New Home is at least 25 percent more efficient than homes that are merely built to code, which means lower energy costs and more efficient performance.
  • Comfort – Expect air tightness that minimizes drafts and creates superior indoor air quality. Sealed combustion equipment and carbon monoxide detectors ensure combustion safety and whole-house ventilation for proper circulation.
  • Proof of quality – Your Building Performance Consultant conducts two site visits to review construction and overall performance; conducts scientific tests to ensure the proper performance of the air sealing, insulation, ventilation and combustion equipment; and certify your home.
  • Resale advantage – A Focus on Energy New Home Certification offers added value when looking to resell your home.


How do I build a Certified Home?

  1. Your participating builder works with a Focus on Energy Building Performance Consultant to review plans and construction.

  2. Your new home is framed and insulated and your Building Performance Consultant makes an initial home visit to review work to date.

  3. Your new home construction is finished and the Consultant makes a final home visit to test performance.

  4. If your home meets energy efficiency and performance requirements, you will receive your Focus on Energy New Home certification!

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Interested in incorporating renewable energy into your new home?

Ask your Focus on Energy Building Performance Consultant about having a geothermal heat pump or a solar electric system installed.