Multifamily Energy Savings

Make your multifamily building more efficient for less with financial incentives

$125 Boiler Tune-Up Incentive

Have multifamily customers in need of boiler tune-ups? Focus on Energy is offering $125 per boiler tune-up - paid directly to Trade Allies. The Multifamily Program also offers incentives to replace older mechanical equipment.

What are the requirements?

  • The multifamily property must have 4 or more units.
  • The multifamily property must be served by a participating utility.
  • The boiler must be 20 years or older with cast iron heat exchanger.
  • The contractor performing the tune-up must be a Registered Trade Ally.

$125 Boiler Tune-Up Incentive Overview [PDF]
Boiler Tune-Up Check List [PDF]

Earn a 15% Incentive Bonus on all Therm Projects!

For a limited time, the Multifamily Energy Savings Program is offering a 15% bonus on all therm projects completed and submitted by December 1, 2018.

What are the Requirements?

  • Therm projects only, i.e. Furnaces, boilers, water heaters, shower heads, aerators, & pipe insulation from gas fired equipment; wall and attic insulation.
  • The multifamily property must have 4 or more units.
  • The multifamily property must be served by a participating utility.
  • Projects must be submitted and completed by Dec. 1, 2018.

15% Therm Incentive Overview [PDF]


The Multifamily Energy Savings Program specializes in energy efficiency opportunities for multifamily properties with four or more dwelling units. The program provides a range of services that result in lower operating costs and better bottom lines for building owners and managers and lower costs of living and increased comfort for their tenants.

  • Free Building Energy Assessments that examine overall building performance, including heating and cooling systems, domestic water heating, building envelope, lighting in common areas, individual living units and more. 
  • Optional Calculations Of Projected Energy Savings that show you potential ROI of efficiency projects. A small fee is charged for this optional report, and is reimbursed to you once your projects are complete.
  • Prescriptive Incentives for specific measures that are one-for-one replacements or substitutions for specific equipment.
    • Reservation codes are required on select measures. See catalog for full details.
    • Delamping reservation code requests can now be completed online.
  • Incentives For Custom Projects that are specific to your building’s needs and your savings goals.
  • Summary of Services & Incentives


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Add value to your property without adding stress to your job. The Focus on Energy Multifamily Energy Savings Program offers multifamily property owners and managers in buildings with four or more units simple ways to lower energy costs. Walk through this virtual property to find ways you can upgrade your buildings.

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Exterior Lighting Optimization (ELO)

Exterior Lighting Optimization (ELO)

New for the Multifamily Energy Savings Program: The Exterior Lighting Optimization offering provides efficient and cost-effective exterior lighting choices at set prices. Participation is easy. Download the ELO fact sheet for more information, and contact an ELO Trade Ally to get started today. go to Supporting Documents and Information and use the ELO Registered Trade Ally list to find a Trade Ally in your area.

To become a registered ELO Trade Ally, please contact Focus on Energy at 800.762.7077. A program Energy Advisor will be happy to walk you through the offering and get you signed up to start providing your customers with this great oppotunity.

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