Multifamily Energy Savings

Make your multifamily building more efficient for less with financial incentives

The Multifamily Energy Savings Program (MESP) specializes in energy efficiency opportunities and provides incentives for multifamily properties with four or more dwelling units under one roof may qualify. The program provides a range of services that result in lower operating costs, better bottom lines for building owners and managers with lower costs of living and increased comfort for their tenants. Your property may be eligible for FREE INCENTIVES!


  • The multifamily property must have 4 or more units.
  • The multifamily property must be served by a participating utility.
  • New construction projects may also qualify for incentives speak to your energy advisor about details.
  • Questions on eligibility? Contact an energy advisor

Participate MESP

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Add value to your property without adding stress to your job. The Focus on Energy Multifamily Energy Savings Program offers multifamily property owners and managers in buildings with four or more units simple ways to lower energy costs. Walk through this virtual property to find ways you can upgrade your buildings.

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Resources that may be available to you:

  1. Free Building Energy Assessments that examine overall building performance, including heating and cooling systems, domestic water heating, building envelope, lighting in common areas, individual living units and more. 

  2. Prescriptive Incentives for specific measures that are one-for-one replacements or substitutions for specific equipment.

  3. Incentives For Custom Projects that are specific to your building’s needs and your savings goals.