Multifamily Customers

Incentives for property owners

Focus on Energy provides resources and incentives to help multifamily property owners reduce energy costs and improve building comfort and tenant satisfaction. Incentives are available for a wide range of building improvements, including:

Energy efficient building improvements are a smart move for property owners as they often lead to:

  • Greater tenant satisfaction and lower turnover rates
  • Fewer maintenance issues and associated costs
  • Lower operating and energy costs

If you would like to talk to someone about opportunities available to you and your properties, please call us at 855.339.8866 or email us at If you are considering insulation and air sealing for your building, get started today by finding a residential Trade Ally contractor in your area.

Just starting to gather information? Take a spin through our virtual property walk through to learn more about opportunities and incentives available to you.

Virtual Walkthrough


  • The multifamily property must have 4 or more units under one roof.
  • The multifamily property must be served by a participating utility.
  • New construction projects may also qualify for incentives—please speak to your energy advisor about details.

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