Focus on Energy Private Labeling Guidance
Focus on Energy requires lighting products to have the brand, model/catalog number(s), specification sheet(s), and invoicing match their respective DesignLights Consortium™ (DLC) product listing.

For privately labeled products, this means the manufacturer, brand and model under which the product is being sold must have its own DLC listing separate from any other DLC listing(s) for the original equipment manufacturer (OEM). Should a separate listing for the privately labeled equipment not exist on DLC, the product is subject to disqualification. Focus on Energy represents Wisconsin's utility as a DLC member utility and therefore adheres to DLC’s private label policy.


With LED technology advancements and product choices, it has become increasingly common for LED equipment to be rebranded and sold under another manufacturer, model, and/or brand. This presents challenges for Utility Programs to verify equipment performance and eligibility as the relationship between the OEM and private labeling entity is not always known.

The Program relies solely on DLC to validate equipment performance. DLC listed performance data (tested and reported) is exclusive to the product listed, including the specific manufacturer, and model of the product listed on DLC. The challenges in managing the large number of rebranded products available and the OEM they correspond with has resulted in the Program needing to rely solely on DLC to verify equipment performance. Any product being rebranded will be required to be DLC listed under the rebranded manufacturer and model to prove equipment performance and to be considered for any incentives.

It is strongly advised Trade Allies and customers independently verify that equipment is DLC listed under the manufacturer and model for which it is being bought/sold under. Focus on Energy will not be liable for products which are misrepresented as being DLC listed and/or qualifying for an incentive from Focus on Energy. Please contact your Energy Advisor or Focus on Energy if you need assistance in verifying equipment eligibility.

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