Lambeau Field Goes Green



The Green Bay Packers have always been green and gold, but now they're a little greener. During renovations the Packers worked with Focus on Energy, a statewide program that promotes energy efficiency.

"They worked very closely with us to put in the most energy efficient options that they could while they were doing the remodel," said Tamara Sounder, Focus on Energy Director of Operations.

"It was a no brainer," said Aaron Popkey, Packers Director of Public Affairs. "As an organization we want to be smart with our resources and to take advantage of the programs that were available."

Lambeau Field now uses machines like energy efficient boilers, chillers, and lights. Those in charge of maintaining Lambeau Field said fans can't tell the difference.

"What we notice is on our utility bills," said Mike Moynihan, Lambeau Field Assistant Director of Facilities.

The new equipment will save the Packers more than $100,000 in energy costs each year.

The program isn't just for large industrial spaces like Lambeau Field, residential customers can take advantage of it too.

"We have a program for everybody across the state," Sondgeroth said.

She said energy efficient products are likely to save a business or individual on energy costs long term, but are often more expensive than less efficient products. That's why Focus on Energy offers rebates on certain energy efficient products.

"What we help you do is go to the next level, get the more efficient option, which usually costs a little more, but we help pay for that incremental cost," said Sonderoth.

The Packers received more than $66,000 in rebates and are saving enough energy to power 147 homes for one year.

Popkey said the Packers aren't finished making Lambeau Field a little greener. As facilities are updated, new products will likely be energy efficient.

"We want to try to lead by example where we can and maybe inspire others to do the same," he said.

More information about Focus on Energy can be found on its website.

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